The 5 – The Fifth Starter

As you probably know, Carlos Rodon will not start the year with the team as he rehabs.  That leaves us with a starting four of James Shields, Lucas Giolito, Reynaldo Lopez, and Miguel Gonzalez.  That gives us an open fifth spot to have fun with, so let’s run down some options.  Some less crazy than others:

  1. The Internal Option: This is probably the most obvious choice for the fifth spot as it won’t cost you a thing.  Carson Fulmer didn’t have a great time in the minors, but he had some good moments with the big league club.  The Sox may opt to work him some more in the minors, move him to the pen, or possibly take the fifth starter spot.

2. The Mexican Option: This is the Chorizy-E pick we discussed previously.  Jaime Garcia was once believed to have the stuff to be a top line starter, but those times are past.  He’s out there looking for work, but he has yet to find a team.  Not only that, there are quite a few better starters in front of him.  But with his name and possibly a good first half, he could be a movable piece for the Sox.

3. The Knuckle Option: Bring in old ass R.A. Dickey and have him loft some knuckleballs up there.  It might be fun to have a knuckleballer that’s better than Charlie Haeger.  At least he’ll put up somewhere around 200 innings that one of our young guys won’t have to.

4. The Beautiful Option: Bartolo Colon

4. The Freaky Option: Let’s get the freak in the rotation.  That’s right, Tim Lincecum to the Sox!  I talked about this previously and we’re referring to him as GloboGym’s pitcher.  He’s ripped now and hopefully roided out to the max.  This would just be such a ridiculous pick up, I want it to happen.

5. The Reclamation Option: This is a retread, and an old player, and he didn’t pitch last year.  But hey, Jake Peavy probably still has something left in the tank.  And if nothing else, those of you that are country fans can bump into him at Joe’s on a random night.


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