The 108ers NEED. YOUR. HELP!

Good day friends, its your old pals the 108ers reaching out to YOU for a little help this holiday season.  As you all know, there are tons of characters that make up the extended 108 family, well beyond your usual favorites that appear here in these blog posts or in the #SundaySoak or in pictures on Twitter.  One of our extended family members and long time friend of the 108ers could use a little of your holiday cheer ($$$) in a time of need.  In return for your help in this matter, the 108ers (as we like to do) are going to give back something to the community (other than our bodacious bods in a hot tub talking sports).
Our pal, PC Jonny is going to undergo a difficult and serious surgery with a long recovery path.  Below is his GoFundMe set up by another friend of the 108.  We are asking for a small donation to help him out in his time of need.  Whatever you can find between your couch cushions would work, skipping picking up those 2 McRibs and tossing that money at this GoFundMe would be fucking swell.  So skip your daily coffee or a couple of days of your Brazzers subscription and toss a few bucks to our buddy.
We ask that you donate, retweet this article or any tweet with the GoFundMe in it AND tag us on twitter / facebook so we know its you.
In return for your tremendous generosity, you will get the following….
1. Our excellent content (which is always free and will always be free)
2. We’ll shout you out in the next #SundaySoak
3. A chance to WIN the 108 Starter Kit!!!!!!!
I know what you are saying.  What in the fuck is the 108 Starter Kit, well, funny you should ask, the following items are included in the 108 Starter Kit and featured below……
  • Obviously a 108 shirt or two
  • Fake Rolex from MadMex
  • Drink chip from Baderbrau
  • Miscellaneous sports cards (probably commons)
  • Fridge Perry GI Joe character
  • Some other mystery gifts from MySoxSummer and Chorizy-E’s personal collections

So, take a few moments out of your day and drop a few bucks for our buddy PC Jonny to help him out in his time of need.
– BeefLoaf, Biguns, Chorizy-E, MySoxSummer and Slumpbuster

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