The Good, The Bad, The Ugly…..

Friends, it’s your buddy BeefLoaf……I’m here to round up the weekend with a new column called, “the Good, the Bad, the Ugly”……..a little snippet of what the 108ers see when attending games for a Sox homestand…………..


The Good

Tyler Saladino – Friend of the blog has clearly taken to his new role as lead off hitter for the WhiteSox with a more refined approach, BUT, with similar bat to ball skills.  Dropped pop up aside, Tyler is an early bright spot  

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– The Craft Kave – The White Sox hit the nail on the head with this, neatly set up and designed for the drunken White Sox fan to come down and get a > 6% beer (or two) to strike their fancy, the 108ers have enjoyed the fixings early and often  


– The Fans – Cheers to you White Sox fans!!! as the weather became palatable, you came out in droves and provided a ton of support on Saturday and Sunday.  The 108ers were feeling that attendance might get a dead cat bounce this season even during the rebuild and so far, when weather permits, you have shown up big!  


The Bad

Jacob May – He might not be a major league ballplayer……..his plate appearances are pretty bad and although I held out hope for him to be a plus defender in CF, we just got to watch what a top end defensive centerfielder looks like in Byron Buxton and he ain’t close to that…….here’s to hoping that Charlie Tilson will get well soon.  


Todd Frazier – He’s a disaster at the plate so far, and while I know all the dickhead stat people will scream “SMALL SAMPLE SIZE”, IDGAF, he looks terrible so far, he isn’t hitting the ball hard and I would be surprised if anyone pitches him in a way in which he will be able to hit the ball hard.  I’m skeptical if he has any trade value at the deadline.  Oh well……….probably would be better if the White Sox had just kept Frankie Montas.  


– Ballpark Operations – The Opening Day disaster is nothing compared to Sunday afternoon, it was as if the security crew had know business handling a crowd over 8k. Fans showed up in a reasonable manner on Sunday on a very nice day, and it took 30 minutes to get in the ballpark? Absolutely atrocious for a team that is begging for fans to show up and when they show, they have to miss 2 innings due to incompetence.  I can’t, I won’t apologize for the White Sox, they embarrass themselves on the regular in this vain.  It’s laughable at this point.  As a season ticket holder, they have us already, but for the fan that they are trying to get to come out and enjoy the product, they are fucking them in all ways imaginable.  I have read over and over about how good of a business man that Jerry Reinsdorf is, it really doesn’t show in this venture, it’s laughable that anyone would say that at this point.  

The Ugly

Avisail Garcia‘s RF defense – at this point, we can only laugh, he has two dropped fly balls already and we are only a week deep in the season.  I hope that he becomes a player, but at this point, I don’t see anything besides a DH.  


– Bud products – According to our sources, the Bud products are moving at a snails pace.  A park with lots of long time Miller drinkers is actively against purchasing Bud products.  The 108ers can muscle down basically any booze, but again, we are season ticket holders, what you really want is the weekend warriors who come and knock back 6 beers in 9 innings……… far, they don’t want Budweiser.  


  Sox fans, let us know what you are thinking about week 1 of the season………hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, Insta, MySpace, Friendster, etc


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