Breaking Down the Chris Sale trade

Good day fam, a special 108 breakdown of the Chris Sale trade.  We at the 108 are stoked by this move.

Red Sox Get – Chris Sale P   We all know what Chris Sale is, he’s a total ass kicker of a pitcher.  I could post his stats in this page, but you know what does, he goes out there and dominates, he’ll strike out 14 if he needs to or he’ll pitch to contact so he has enough bullets to beat the Rays 1-0 in complete game shutout.  He’ll bash the other teams heads in and drink the blood of their children if it means victory, he’s that much of a competitor.  Sometimes this competitive spirit drifts into places not on the field, as he’s much maligned for his run-ins with the front office.  All in all, the Red Sox got a stud pitcher, in fact, he’s such a fucking G, that David Ortiz is questioning coming out of retirement.


White Sox Get – Yoan Moncada 2B/3B   Before I gush all over this kid like the stud he is, let’s just remind you that the Red Sox broke an amateur record by spending $31.5M on his signing bonus… fact MLB charged them a 100% penalty on that bonus (yep, an additional $31.5M) and the Red Sox were like…..ehh, we don’t give a fuck, this kid is super hero and we’ll pay that too without batting an eye.  Most prospect sites are going to rate this kid #1 overall in baseball for 2017, the last time the Sox had a prospect this promising was the late 80’s when a former Auburn TE who blocked for a Vincent Bo Jackson was making his way up the ranks………….and to be honest, Moncada is built like a mini Vincent Bo Jackson, kid is ripped, and he destroys baseballs.  The kid also runs like the wind, his speed and power combination are rare.  Think Ian Kinsler if he’s meh…….think prime Eric Davis playing 2nd base if he’s good.  I heard a few potential negatives on the kid, like he has a lot of swing in miss in his game at this point and he’s a little awkward playing around the bag at second base, but the guy on TV who said it had glasses and a pocket protector, so wtf does he know about running fast and smashing baseballs.  Some friends of the 108 are already searching to buy his shirsey, thats how boss he is.


White Sox Get – Michael Kopech P   This kid is tall, blond and throws 1000 MPH…or something.  Seriously, everyone is talking big game about this kid like he’s the next Thor, which I hope is true, but here’s what I know about him.  He’s been busted for PED’s (supposedly viagra, but gimme a break, the kid is like 20 years old and has a baller girlfriend, any reasonable person in his position would be jamming bumps of coke to get the same effect)…..he got into a fight and broke a bone and missed significant time………..and he has a hot girlfriend (although she is a little short on posterior meat for the 108 crowd, but still delicious).  He’s basically Ebby Calvin “Nuke” LaLoosh………..the only problem is, the Sox don’t have Crash Davis to bring him along, all they haz is the gaseous Don Cooper and his infinite genius.  So far, the kid has dominated at all levels and really only had issues with control.  This seems like a movie we have seen before, as the Sox staff lead by the happy go lucky Cooper turned Matt Thornton into a very valuable player with some of the same issues.  If he’s meh, think Matt Thornton, if he’s good, think Randy Johnson lite.


White Sox Get – Luis Alexander Basabe OF   Basabe is a toolsy outfielder….hrm, where have I heard that before. I assume Kenny Williams wouldn’t leave the room until this kid was included.  The only difference is that most scouts think that his athleticism makes his floor a 4th OF.  His upside is large though, as he could be a very good 4 Tool player (Arm, Speed, Defense, Power) if it lines up right.  The best thing I have heard about him is that he has a twin brother, which Tony LaRussa traded for last year (I wonder if he knew that this is the “Good” brother).  Various writers and scouts thought Basabe as the 3rd piece in this deal was a giant win for the White Sox given the potential.  Think Dewayne Wise if he’s meh, think Mike Cameron if he’s good.


White Sox Get – Victor Diaz P   At this point in the rundown, you prolly dunt care anymore, and to be honest, my morning constitution is calling anyway, so I’ll be brief,  this kid is a pitcher that throws hard, but is 22 years old and in A ball, which is a little old, especially for a bullpen arm, but stranger things have happened, and if the Sox can get this kid right, it wouldn’t shock me if he’s the first one of the group that we see in Chicago in 2017.  If he’s meh, think parking lot attendant.  If he’s good, think Rafael Soriano.


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