The 5 – Reasons TO Buy The Hype

Have you bought in yet? Find yourself wanting to head to 35th and Shields to catch some of this awesomeness? It feels good Sox fans. For us who have suffered through the past few seasons, we deserve this. The players deserve this. Ventura deserves this. Here’s my 5 reasons to buy in now!

Off-season moves

Unlike 2015, the Sox actually filled holes. Frazier, Jackson, Avila. In the short term, it seems to be working. Allowing Garcia to only DH, makes sense. Maybe will keep him healthy. Who knows? The talent is there, let’s stay healthy guys!

AMAZINGLY Good start

I ran into Jim Rose (@jimroseabc7) at Walgreens down on State St. I asked him his thoughts before the season started and he hesitated to give me the solid thumbs up. he was very concerned with the clubhouse mood after the whole LaRoche incident. But he did say we’ll know how well this team will do a few weeks into the season. I agree 1000%. In 2012, they started strong and held that lead till September. Sad decline, but was a fun year to watch Sox baseball. I think that year also set us back, thinking that we did have the right components for a winning team, which we clearly did not after three abysmal seasons in a row. We chatted about some other stuff, which I will share with anyone in a private conversation, then went about our way. Mine was to look for clearance Easter candy that didn’t suck, his was for gift cards.


Timely hitting

It’s been kinda sparse, but last year when we had two on with no outs, you hit that slump in the order that produced little to no runs. Had to deal with the Beckham and Flowers vortex that just sucked any momentum we had going. This year, so far, we have seemed to come up and got a few hits that got us the runs we needed to win that game. I hope it will continue to happen as the bats warm with the weather, but honestly, who knows. If we are down 2 runs in the 7th, this year we know it isn’t over. Been very fun to watch.

Todd Steverson White Sox hitting coach

Matt “El Niño” Albers and the pitching staff

I like his passion. I like his pitch selection. I like his overall size. His consecutive out record that he was carrying since last August is just a nice thing to see. Good to see the bullpen coming in and kicking some ass. Will he keep this type of production up the rest of the year? Maybe. Most likely not, but let’s hope so. Will he help you finish a helmet sundae? You know he will. Cause he’s a team player.

Matt Albers White Sox "El Niño"

Chris Sale is 6-0. Mat “Cat” Latos is 4-0. Jose “Q” Quintana is 3-1. Once again, it’s early, but these are some great numbers. I bow to you Donnie Cooper. The offense is helping it happen too. We have a stinker, Mr. Danks, but honestly that guy is trying as hard as he can. He’s had his chance, it ain’t working, let’s bring him in for long relief situations. I like John, but it’s time to move on. Bring in the new guys, feed off their energy. Feed off this hella good start. Let’s cash in bitches!

No pressure

Besides us crazy ass fans, no one is expecting the White Sox to do anything. I want them to have a chance to make the playoffs. They don’t have to make the playoffs, but I would like to see some meaningful baseball in September. They boys up north have all the pressure on them. We are playing the perfect hand. The city is Cubs crazy. The fact that the Sox have stayed with ’em as far as wins is really amazing. Fans are starting to show up on the southside, causing some longer wait times, which is pretty cool too. The best baseball is being played in Chicago right now. Amen. Good time to be in the city. UPDATE – I wrote this weeks ago, still holds up, but within that time the Sox have swept two series. They are playing crazy good right now. I am almost fully on board. However, I know once I buy in at 100%, shit will go badly. So for all of you, I will not be 100% till we make the playoffs. It’s awful fun to watch them win though.


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