OPENING WEEK! 2016 Predictions

These 2016 MLB projections by some of the folks at the 108 are for entertainment purposes only.  A few of the members of the group may have bet their mortgage payment on these picks but that doesn’t mean you need to.



World Series Winner: Astros
AL Pennant: Astros
NL Pennant: Diamondbacks
AL Division Winners: Orioles, Tigers, Mariners
NL Division Winners: Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Mets
AL Wild Cards: White Sox, Royals
NL Wild Cards: Dodgers, Cubs



World Series Winner: Mariners
AL Pennant: Mariners
NL Pennant: Mets
AL Division Winners: Blue Jays, Mariners, White Sox
NL Division Winners: Mets, Pirates, Dodgers
AL Wild Cards: Rays, Indians
NL Wild Cards: Cubs, Giants



World Series Winner: Rangers
AL Pennant: Rangers
NL Pennant: Dodgers
AL Division Winners: Rays, Rangers, Tigers
NL Division Winners: Dodgers, Cubs, Nationals
AL Wild Cards: White Sox, Blue Jays
NL Wild Cards: Mets, Giants


Polish with Onions

World Series Winner: Cubs
AL Pennant: Rangers
NL Pennant: Cubs
AL Division Winners: Blue Jays, Royals, Rangers
NL Division Winners: Nationals, Cubs, Giants
AL Wild Cards: Astros, White Sox
NL Wild Cards: Mets, Dodgers

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