The 5 – Make The 108 Great – By Beefloaf!


1. Pizza Vendors – It wasn’t long ago that one could get a tasty slice of Connie’s Pizza from a vendor walking right up to your seat.  Then came the DiGiornio’s debacle and the ballpark pizza sucked.  Now we have Beggar’s, which is a solid slice.  I couldn’t help but believe that my ingame pizza consumption would go up 12,000% if someone walked past my seat with a slice of pepperoni every couple of innings.

2. Apps for ordering drinks – If casinos can set up slot machines with this function, no reason your seat or even a phone app couldn’t coordinate this sort of thing.  C’mon Sox, be a trend setter.

3. Rewards cards – Season ticket holders should have rewards cards that have various discounts and allow the ticket holder to pay directly through the card, which would be linked to their credit card on their season ticket holder account.

4. Gambling – Not real gambling, but in-game contests based on “guessing” events in the next, inning, rest of the game, etc.  It would be a great opportunity for the team to give things away to people who would interact on a phone app.  The team could direct give aways to those fans that are really into the competition and gather information for their own use.  It also adds to the fun, when you have a little something on the game.

5. On field stunts – I am really only referencing one on field stunt, that used to exist and was the best thing ever.  On Friday nights, the White Sox used to pull a fan (sometimes an intoxicated fan) out of the crowd and shoot fly balls for them to catch.  This needs to come back.  Now!!!  Especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

– Beefloaf


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