Avi Garcia – Trade, Extend or Nothing….


In the 15 months or so that we have been writing in this space, I think we have probably written about Avi Garcia too much.  Whether it be to talk about WHY the White Sox continue to give him chances, or to make fun of him for sneaking under 260 lbs as a playing weight.  The 108ers are intrigued by Avisail Garcia.  The other night, I ran a Twitter poll of our followers and there isn’t a general consensus on what the White Sox should do with Avi Garcia

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So, I figured, as any blogger with a mediocre offering might do, I would breakdown the potential actions….




The whole thought that Avi could be traded was kicked off via a rumor, of course, it was a Cafardo, so it is likely to have no basis in reality.  I remember when Sam Smith used to write for the Bulls and he would make up trade scenarios, at least he wrote them in a way in which, you knew he was just making something up and it was fun.  Nowadays these fucking guys make up shit and then blasted it out there like it is reality.  It’s a bunch of BS.  Anywho, so, Cafardo noted that the Cardinals were looking at Garcia and a few other power hitting RF’s.  I looked up and down the rest of the playoff contenders and pretenders and truthfully didn’t see much in the way of a team that really needs a RF.  The only other team that looked appetizing to me, were the Mets, but not for this year, they’ll start clearing off the Granderson and Bruce contracts at the end of the year, they could probably use a young controllable (at least for 2 years) RF to help out in their competitive window.  Besides those two teams, you got me.

Truthfully though, I don’t need to find a suitor, if Avi is to be traded, someone will emerge. I am just in need of finding a prospective value back in trade.  Avi is tough to compare given that he’s had 3 pretty blech seasons and now 3 pretty excellent months.  He’s still not walking a lot, but the “walking a lot” folks need to go fuck off, you can be a plenty valuable player with power and high contact rate.  The two most comparable trades from last deadline are the Mets trading for Bruce and the Rangers trading for Beltran.  The Bruce deal netted the Reds Dilson Herrera who was a top 10 prospect in the Mets system, but graduated from his prospect status and a lottery ticket.  The Beltran deal, which required the Yanks to toss some cash in the nap sack that went along with Carlos to Texas included a top 5 prospect in the Rangers system (Dillon Tate) and top 100 overall and two lesser prospects that were top 10 round picks in the 2014 amateur draft.

In other words, it isn’t likely that an Avisail Garcia trade ends up with much star power included in it.  It is possible that his control with 2 arb years remaining would boost the haul, but it is likely you would just be adding more assets and setting the clock back on those assets.  It is doubtful you line up something with as much promise as say, I dunno, 2013 Avisail Garcia.  If trade is the answer, it may be a signal that the competitive window is a little further away (say, starting in 2020) and that the White Sox need more assets that start arriving then.



This is a tough one, as Garcia has 2 arb years left.  For the 2017 season he netted a 1 yr $3M deal before going to arbitration.  Truthfully, he was pretty terrible heading into his 1st arbitration year and still got $3M.  Arbitration is pretty kind to giving raises if someone could, oh, I dunno, put up a .900 OPS season.  You might expect Avi to pick up a $3M to $4M raise in 2018 and a similar one in 2019.  Which would put Avi’s salaries at say $7M in 2018 and $11M in 2019, the White Sox would need to buy those out and then buy out some portion of free agency.

I think the closest thing to Avi in estimated value might be someone like Mark Trumbo who got 3 yrs 37.5M.  Truthfully, if you think Avi is actually this Avi, he’s much better than Mark Trumbo, so maybe Ian Desmond‘s 5yrs $70M is closer to accurate.  Let’s assume if you extend Avi (and the extension would have to occur around now or at least before he puts in an entire season of being a 3 to 4 win player) that the extension would be for 5 yrs and $75M (buying out arb years 2018 & 2019) and then signing him through  2022 (his age 31 season).  Avi might feel some loyalty towards the White Sox and get something like this done.  Or, he might realize that he goes to free agency at 28 and could make more money than this when he does.



This is the best action in my opinion.  I don’t think the market yet believes in the new Avi, making trades tougher and I think it is pretty cost prohibitive to the future competing White Sox teams to possibly fuck up this extension.  I think you let Avi play this out and then in 2018 you re-evaluate.  Maybe he finds his level as a 2 WAR RF and then you decide that he’ll be cheap enough to extend or a valuable enough commodity to trade for a real chip.  With the current expiring assets on the roster, I think Rick Hahn has his hands full trying to unload everything that isn’t nailed down for something of future value.


– BeefLoaf

Another Beer Blog.


Did you see the news on Friday?  After a 30 year run (and countless cases of cirrhosis) Miller is out, Modelo is in. I have mixed feelings on the whole deal, and I hope we learn what happened, but more than likely we’ll never really know the details.  It ends a relationship that seemed to be mutually beneficial for both groups, but maybe it is time to move on.  As reported, Modelo is the 2nd leading beer in the city of big shoulders behind Lite. In the 108, it makes an appearance during the summer on Beefloaf’s Patio, sometimes several.  Reportedly this opens up what will be served at the park, which is quite the selection as it stood.  I know we all wanna know if they will be serving Cheladas, which could get very interesting. Let take a look at some of new options that the Sox have included in the conversations going forward.

What are the “NEW”  local options?

Two new breweries have been announced for G Rate Field, Baderbrau and Pollyanna. Let’s take a look at what they both have to offer.

There is this little brewery a mile or so away from the park called Baderbrau. It is often credited as the first craft brewer in Chicago, serving a Czech-style pilsener in the mid-90’s.  They have a sweet location on 25th and Wabash that the 108 posse has hit many times. But the best part? SOUTH SIDE PRIDE. A Helles style brew that it damn tasty.  I suggest you take a look the next time you wanna buy a local beer and give that can a try.  They have several styles, lots of lagers, that are easily session beers that will hold up with any in the Chicago scene. Being so lager forward, it is an easier transition for the domestic drinker to move to a crafty style lager. The Chicago Pils might be one of the most easy drinking beers I have ever had.


I am not as familiar with Pollyanna, but I will be taking acre of that problem as soon as possible.  I am pretty sure I was drinking Mazzie during the NIU/Toledo football game in Nov, but who knows?  Whatever it was went down smooth and helped me forget that there were only 47 people at that game.  Their offerings on their website look delish, including a high ABV Porter (Eleanor) and IPA (Lexical Gap). I promise to write yet another blog about beer after I have been to or drank a shitload of Pollyanna Beer. I will do all that drinking just so you don’t. Sacrifice, it’s what the 108 is all about.

What are the OLD “local” options?

A 108 fave is a Revolution Brewery.  We’ve talked at great length about the Sec 112 24oz Anti-Hero for under $12, but they produce other awesome beers. Lagunitas is already there too, but I’d love to see more options from another brewery that is only a couple miles from the park.  Lagunitas serves up some great food too, and the people that work there take great pride in introducing you to a vast array of lovely beers.

I love me some 3 Floyds too, but not a fan of Yum Yum, which is what they sell at the park now.  I get why they sell that there though, one of the more easy drinking beers they produce, I’d hate to see a rowdy crowd killing Zombie Dusts’ like they are going out of style.  Even with a 6.66% ABV, it sneaks up on you and you can go from zero to drunk rather quickly.  With a season upon us that could prove to be brutal on the scoreboard, it could get bad with high alcohol beers in mass quantity.


I get that most folks don’t really like to crush what they consider “heavy” stouts at a summer game.  But as a coffee stout aficionado, I’d love to see an option on the menu for the early and late season games.  Stouts and porters tend to open up as they warm so even if you sip it, it just get’s better.  One of my faves is from Great River Brewery in the Quad Cities. Redband Stout, which used to be readily available, but now seems to be only available at special times.  Or not at all.  Who knows? If we go outside the state, Coffee Bender from Surly is a strong choice too.  Check it out if you like coffee flavored beers.

So what is the best case scenario?

What I would like to see, it a bunch of draft options, that could be limited, could be unlimited, but always should be fresh.  Can any one brewer in Chicago handle the output?  I am guessing no, but that let’s conquer it in numbers.  Have several breweries there providing their best beers, let’s make it like a beer festival up in the G Spot (ugh, shudder).


For all you domestic drinkers, I am sure you will be well taken care of, as Lite will still be in the park, just not in the bins.  The Shandy’s will be around I am sure, so that should suffice about 75% of our beer drinking fans.  I’d encourage you to try some of these other beers when you are out and about in your home drinking scene.  I wouldn’t suggest giving them a try at the park when the price will make it even worse if you dislike it.  And you should be fair to beer, it’s earned that right.


The beer revolution has been great to me and other beer drinkers and I think the Sox have been right on the pulse getting good beer options to the fans.  Way better than up north, that is for sure.  The Sox are the beer (and BP Cup) champions.  I think they will continue this trend with more great options.

Have any suggestions for us?  Send them to us on Twitter – @fromthe108

Cheers fans.


The 5 – Beers.

Have you ever streamed a Spring Training game through Firefox on a Mac?  That’s me right fucking now and it got me thinking, “Hey it’s not too early to have a fucking beer!”.  Which, with our 108 logic is true for every waking hour from now till October.  So you might be asking yourself, “How do I drink like a 108’er?” “What does Chorizy-E or Beefloaf drink on a crisp spring morn?” or perhaps “What can I get at the park with the most bang for my buck?”  Be thankful that MSS is here to help.


Pregamin’ Like a Boss

The 108 guys have a modified split season ticket package, which is all weekend home games.  We add in the Friday games, mostly cause we can’t wait till Saturday to get drunk, tell old stories and test our feats of strength.  What do we begin the night with?  As a former employee in an advertising agency, my drinking on Friday used to begin at about 3 or 4pm. I used to bring in all sorts of assorted beers to work for our “tastings”, so I sometimes would start out with some pretty good beers.  I enjoy stouts, porters, IPA’s, lagers and whatever you put in front of me.  I like just about anything if it is made well.  Or cheap.  Or, well, I will drink most anything.


Fridays is usually (always) at BeefLoaf’s Patio.  What’s key about this, is even in the event that we get hammered, we can still see when they start the game.  If we miss the opening fireworks SOUND (which can sound like gunfire) with can SEE the fireworks being shot off. Our cue to drink up or get a road cup.  Or take a roadie to slam on the 5 minute walk over there.


Last year we drank-a-many of what we call Kirky’s, the least offensive, least tasting beer, Kirkland Light. You could get  a 48pk, for about $24.  $12 a case, which is pretty solid.  What I enjoyed about them was that you got 2 cases in one. Sadly, it seems like that my location (even with me buying 10+ cases last year) seems to have discontinued the Kirky’s, which doesn’t make me angry or sad, much like their beer didn’t leave an impression on me either way.  So what will be the pre-game drink of choice?  Let’s look into BeefLoaf’s Magical Cooler……

Thanks Internet!

BeefLoaf is always good for a 6’er of the good shit.  He might enjoy one here and there, but besides being a very talented numbers guy, the man knows how to host a party.  Even if the party is just 5 guys, he will have some type of beer or booze that will tickle your fancy.  The good stuff is usually an offering from Revolution Brewing in Chicago.  Anti-Hero is a 108 fave, with it’s 6.5% ABV, it get’s you toasty on a cool evening and cools you down during the warmer months.  It comes in cans which is a must.

While we drink the shit outta Miller Lite at the park, the domestic offering in the cooler is usually High Life.  Why you ask?  Cause it’s fucking delish.  Plus it isn’t as pretentious as PBR.  Moving from High Life to Lite is a pretty natural transition, so that seems to work well.

The wild card beer can be a number of things, Modelo (Especial or Negra), Budweiser, Lagunitas, you know beer.  If the Indy fellas are feeling crazy, we might have a really fresh Three Floyds selection, which is always awesome.  But as long as it is cold, we DGAF.


Back in the day, I used to drink alot of vodka.  But then I started blacking out and being told stories the morning after of insane behavior, so I kinda ended that. Now-a-days , I will have a watered down margarita or lemonade vodka at the game, but for the most part I stay off the hard stuff.  The other boys enjoy all sorts of what we call “short glasses”.  I’m good for a shot here and there, but that is usually limited to our Indiana Nights, which I will begrudgingly (I spelled that word right the first time!) shoot Jager with all the locals, which tastes just like college.  Or regret. Tequila is always available. Bourbon, vodka is always out for the dads, but beer is the #1 thing we drink the most.

In Game Decisions.

Between the 5 of us, we all have at least two vendors on speedial.  If we happen to be later than the 3rd, one of us will get a text from said vendors wondering where we are.  Last year we did have some informal tryouts after our fave beer vendor passed during the offseason.  We have our regular guy, Brian, and James provides the frozen drinks.  Both of these guys know how to keep us on point.


As most of you know, the beer selection at the park is pretty awesome.  They have those “Beer’s Of The World” stands that will get you alot of craft beers including Yum Yum by Three Floyds, Daisy Cutter by Half Acre and several good non-domestic options.  But if you swing by section 112 you will find the best deal in the park , Anti-Hero 24oz Drafts for under $12.  I know what you are thinking, but per ounce that beer is cheaper than the 16oz Lites for $8.50.  I am sure these prices will go up (Thanks Trump) but it will still be the best bang for your buck in the park.  The ABV of Lite is 4.2%, Anti-Hero is 6.5%, you do the math.  Plus it’s local and the ladies that pour it are some of the most lovely in the park.  Love ya Shirley!

You get the Miller/Coors products in the seats, including Summer Shandy.  I am not a big fan of the Shandy, but @alvaicaitis is, so that says something.

We stick to Lite and sometimes Coors Light during the game.  Chorizy isn’t a fan of MGD, but like most of us, he’ll drink anything.  Sometimes he’ll even drink 2 at a time.


Post Game.

Depending on the game, the temp, the crew, the coupons, the desire, the heart, the time, you can usually catch us having a drink or two to cap the drinking that has been going on for about 6 hours now.  Pre-Kid, you could always catch me on the patio with ‘Loaf talking shit till 2am.  Nowadays those convos are reserved for special times, but we all are usually good for a few after the game.  Cause what do we have to do?  Oh yeah drink the next day cause it’s Saturday.  Sundays we might take it easier than we have on the Fri and Sat, but there has been some real fun Sundays that have been extremely liquid.

Our nightcaps are just what is leftover from the pregame which will be the pregame for the next game.  The cooler is always stocked with 12oz cans of liquid love. New for 2017 is the addition of a HOT TUB that ‘Loaf installed during the off-season.  It brings all sorts of questions on what 2017 will hold.  Will Chorizy drown during his post-game nap in the tub?  Will MSS’s hair clog it all up?  Does ‘Loaf’s hair only get clean in his hot tub?  Beers are always better in the tub, when you are knee to knee with your tall buddies.


“Is this a dream?”

“No. it’s BeefLoaf’s Patio.  Now with hot tub.”