The Au Jus Promotion Winner Is….

For those of yous (this is Bridgeport) that didn’t know, I started a separate podcast on the FromThe108 podcast feed called “The Au Jus”. The idea for the show was to scoop a little of the baseball talk out of the normal 108 podcast and put it on it’s own platform. I also thought I could go further down the rabbit hole on some White Sox topics than we wouldn’t have time for on the normal 108 podcast. The show is LIVE STREAMED weekly at 6pm CT on Mondays.

Image by the Big Homey Jeff Mugs

I’ve got 10 episodes completed, they are ALL on our YouTube channel as well as on the FromThe108 podcast feed wherever you nerds get podcasts. There have even been some pretty spiffy guests, including long-time White Sox fan and my White (Italian) Whale of guests Tom Fornelli.

All in all, it’s going reasonably well. I’m a less terrible host than I was when I started this at the beginning of 2023 and I have picked some pretty good guests. However, I thought it was time to try and push to increase the audience, so I ran a promotion this week….

Yes. Cold. Hard. Cash. Well sort of, it is a chance to win $250 if the White Sox win 84 regular season games or more. I got 52 entrants. So I dropped them all onto a spreadsheet and numbered them. Then, through the magic of Microsoft Excel, I picked a random number and….

The Winner Is….The Sox Side Boys!!! CONGRATS!!! And now let’s go get that fucking money.

Thanks to everyone that entered, I’m sure we’ll have a few more promotions throughout the year and keep listening to The Au Jus!!


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