The One Hitter – I watched a game with the pitch clock

This is the one hitter, don’t forget to exhale…

I just watched a spring training game with the pitch clock and I have to say: “I liked it”. It wasn’t so much about the game being shorter. I can watch baseball for like 48 hours straight, no problem. However, a lot of the pauses and especially the really long pauses were eliminated. So there was a feeling of much more action to the game. But then I saw this:

As I think of the shorter game, I now realize the 108ers are gonna have to change their typical schedule of getting to the game so we don’t miss 2 full innings. The White Sox are gonna have to figure out how to get people in quicker or they’re gonna miss even more of the game. But how will the Sox pay for this when the 108 will produce less beer money for them with less time in the park. Oh my god! What are we gonna do? Roll it back! Roll it back!

But seriously, it’s pretty good. Check it out with us tomorrow when we watch the Sox game on Playback with our friends over at SoxMachine:


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