“Holy Schnikes!!! The White Sox Did Something EVERY MLB TEAM ALREADY DOES!”

Our good buddy Austin had a recent “banger” of a tweet –

Oh wait, wrong one. Here you go –

Normally I leave the “freak out and panic” to the real baseball people in WST, but as a season ticket holder for our White Sox, I gave this a long gander. After I thought about it (and about how hungry I am #108WeightLoss) I floated my thoughts to the brothers in our group chat. We all kinda echoed the same thought that it seems like a big ol’ nothing burger. Yeah I said it. NOTHING BURGER.

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But as a man of the people I did some investigating. Maybe the White Sox are ahead of the curve on this one, the tiered pricing IN THE SAME SECTION. I got on the old desktop to so some work. And here are my findings.

The AL Central

I started in our division, figuring those stinking Royals and Twins would never have pricing like this. No way, no how. BUT I WAS WRONG!

Now, I’ve never been to KC but I am guessing that they just renamed sections to make it look like they don’t have tiered pricing in the same section. It ain’t the suites in the upper deck, those are closer seats at a different price level. But what about the Twins? Do they have it?

Oh you betcha Margie! Holy fuck, look at all the colors! It’s like a goddamn kaleidoscope. At this point it now 3 outta 5 teams, so lets look at the other 2.

Even the Tigers folks.

Man it’s EVERY TEAM in our division. Now, maybe it’s just a ALC thing, so let’s look at our destination for #108ING Road Trip ’23, Cincinnati, The Great American Ball Park.


Even the Angels.

The Birds do it too!

Even what’s regarded as one of the best stadiums in baseball has tiered ticket levels. And no one goes to see the Pirates play. Just to spike the ball on this whole outrage, even big brother up north does it.

Like a triple scoop of neapolitan ice cream, the tired pricing is all over the north side. That’s all the info I needed.

In Conclusion

I am not exactly sure why people are very upset at the White Sox for doing something they are always asking them to do…BE LIKE OTHER TEAMS. Allow us access to the lower level, give us more food options, do what EVERY OTHER MLB TEAM DOES! Well they just did that and you LOST YOUR MINDS. It’s gotta be frustrating to deal with us. There are tons of legit reasons to complain about this organization, but this ain’t one. We’re used to this, as Chorizy said last night, it creates the opportunity for us fans to game the system yet again. Buy those cheap tickets and move the fuck down. It’s almost insulting that some fans think they got, got by new pricing levels. We’re White Sox fans, we know how to work the system.

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Happy New Year Everybody!


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