Pedro Grifol doesn’t know what to do with his hands

The big homey Alex Feuz was nice enough to alert me to his most recent video of his YouTube series “The Whole Story”. It was for good reason that he reached out because he had NEW White Sox manager Pedro Grifol as his guest on the show.

The interview had some of the usual fare that you get in an interview of a manager. There were some nice insights into how Grifol thinks about things. Additionally you could get a sense of what he thinks is important. It is well worth 28 minutes of your time if you are a White Sox fan.

However, one thing that struck me when listening is how little Grifol is familiar with pop culture. The guy lacks strong opinions on basically anything that Alex asks in the final stanza of the interview. First, Feuz asks Grifol about his favorite band. “I love music, I don’t know artists.” says Grifol “I do like Fleetwood Mac, I like some of their songs, but I can’t name them.” “I like all types of music.”

I’m rolling on the floor laughing, because Pedro has been in baseball for 10,000 years, and he’s been a bench coach and a guy interviewing for the top job and he has no rolladex of canned answers for questions like this. Instead he was deer in the headlights getting clobbered on if he likes Fleetwood Mac. Incredible.

Next up, Feuz asks him about his Favorite snack, which he has a legit answer and then just denotes he’ll normally just eat a “protein bar”. Whatta snack! I prefer laxatives as a snack to protein bars, but YMMV..LMFAO!!

Nicest hotel was third on the agenda and he answers…..”Sandals” in Bahamas, long time ago or “Ritz Carlton” or “a hotel in Texas that we stayed at, but I don’t know the name.” You’d think there would be a city hotel you remember if nothing more than you got some room services there one time or you got shit-canned at the hotel bar.

The CLOSER. Favorite sports movie “Bull Durham”, watched it a long-time ago, but I love it. Now, as long as he didn’t add the last part about seeing it a long-time ago, he was in the clear, perfect canned answer, that as long as he knew a character’s name or two he’d crush.

These answer had me absolutely rolling and got me perfectly between, Pedro is such a huge baseball nerd that he just doesn’t pay attention to other shit and he will eat, sleep and drink this job! The rest of me thinks canned answers to pop culture questions is also part of being prepared. Only time will tell, which side of me is correct….


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