Star Wars: The most important cameo in Andor Ep. 8

When you’re a 40-something bass player still going out and getting drunk (and playing music), sometimes you miss your opportunity to do your live YouTube show about Star Wars. That was certainly the case this past weekend. But I did feel the need to talk about one cameo in particular that could SPOIL future episodes for you, so if you want to go in fresh, stop right now!

Now, do I want to talk about gotdam General Snoke himself showing up to be the embodiment of the Empire smiling at you as you’re slowly tortured while endlessly working to build shit for them? As much as I love Andy Serkis, no, he’s not who I am talking about.

Am I referring to the Saw Gerrera and his crew showing up to prove that Luthen was absolutely lying when he told Mon Mothma that the rebel network was up and running? Nope, not him either.

I want to talk about Melshi. If you’re asking “who the F is that?”, you’re not alone. He was not previously a very important character on his own.

However, he just so happened to be on Scarif with Andor to help steal the Death Star plans.

So we know that he lives, for a while. We also know from Episode 8 that he ain’t falling for the Empire’s tricks to turn the other rebels against the rebels that pulled the heist on Aldhani. This gives us a very good idea of who will help Andor escape. There are still quite a few questions on how they get out of the 7th layer of hell and how Andor ends up with Melshi. But I think we’ll see this next episode and we’ll be back to cover it.


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