Lenyn Sosa – Grand Opening / Grand Closing

The last week has been a whirl-wind for both me and the aforementioned White Sox farm hand Lenyn Sosa. On Wednesday night of this past week, we had Sleepy Harold (from Future Sox) on the FromThe108 podcast. He came on to discuss what options the White Sox have for reinforcements in their minor leagues. The discussion is linked in below. Sleepy gives great commentary not only on Lenyn Sosa, but other future White Sox that could possibly help this squad out. We even give him credit for breaking that Lenyn Sosa was getting promoted, even though he just read a tweet about it.

I personally was pretty thrilled with development. And was looking very forward to seeing Lenyn play over the weekend versus the Orioles.

Thursday Night

Lenyn Sosa was not slated to start on Thursday night when he arrived in Chicago and twitter was quite a buzz with disappointment. Not just my man “THE REALNESS” Herb Lawrence…….

And the beat rolls on….however, in the 5th inning Josh Harrison gets hit by a pitch and our hero enters the game at second base. Even has a decent plate appearance with a walk.

Lenyn Sosa might be able to levitate


Bad news, Mrs. Beef tests positive and that is it for my weekend of going to White Sox games. Fwiw, I am still testing negative, I’m like a COVID ninja. Anywho, being home got me more in-tune with the reactions about Lenyn Sosa, who is quickly becoming a favored White Sox for people to tweet about.

SIDE NOTE: Sosa did not play on Friday night…


Lenyn Sosa is slated to start on Saturday and even more, he’s scheduled to lead off.

Sosa went 0 for 5 with a run scored in the White Sox 6-2 loss to the Orioles.


We had to cancel the #SundaySoak, which was going to feature #108Tourney champ Brian Knights. However, we have rescheduled with the champ and we shall have him on the program (they’re not programs they’re TV SHOWS) on Sunday, July 10th!


Not only did Lenyn get his first major league hit, but the White Sox salvaged one game from the O’s winning 4-3 inspite of Jose Abreu‘s 9th inning defensive boners (nope, not that kind).


FML, now Bonita Steakie tests positive. Your boy is still hanging on symptom free, but now very worried that the ‘Rona will finally grab him by the plums.

Also, Monday was a slow day in the Lenyn Sosa tweet world, as I didn’t find anything of note. Lenyn started Monday night in Anaheim, hit 9th and went 0-3. The White Sox lost a tough one 4-3 to the Angels.


That was quite a few days….

A Few Thoughts on the Lenyn Sosa Ride (which I enjoyed)

That was a wild ride. But enough fan (short for fanatic) takes, let’s try some lucid realization.

Going into 2022, Lenyn Sosa was not a top 100 prospect and not really high on any individual White Sox prospect lists. He came into the season with a fixed swing and still an up the middle infield profile and absolutely crushed it at AA Birmingham (where White Sox hitting prospect go to die). He slashed .331 / .384 / .549 with 14 home runs in only 289 Plate Appearances. I am absolutely thrilled that the White Sox as an organization not only got this breakthrough, but also rewarded him with a promotion.

That’s the type of reward that should resonate through the system showing players that if they produce, and a spot opens up they’ll get a chance and it won’t just be AAAA fodder that gets called up. I’m also thrilled he’ll get paid. Being on the 40 man is a pay raise and not only when getting called up to the big club.

As I said on the 108 podcast and in the initial tweet, he’s the type of bat that could have an impact on this roster. The White Sox did actually play him for most of his time here, he absorbed 13 of a possible 18 or 19 plate appearances he could’ve had in the 5 games. It’s a cup of coffee, but all in all I am happy he got the shot.

And lastly, I am not worried about “burning” an option. It’s hardly the crime of mismanagement that is being portrayed as. The White Sox should focus on putting their best 40 players on the 40 man roster, and I think Lenyn is one of those guys. So let’s put him on and give him shots when the roster dictates. It’s much more pertinent to think about 2022 then it is to think about 2025. Besides, you never know when the next opportunity will arise for ole Lenyn.


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