The Hamilton Game Worn Jersey

This past weekend the White Sox held their semi annual garage sale for White Sox Charities.  Typically this draws a good crowd and long lines as the team sells game worn jerseys, bobblehead dolls, and many other nostalgic items.  I was interested in attending this weekend, however, my work schedule conflicted and I was unable to attend.  This is where I checked in with my friends, MSS and Wally.  Naturally, I am in the market for a Billy Hamilton game worn jersey from last season and asked them to be on the lookout for one at the garage sale.  

Wally Does The Dirty Work

While I’m at work I get a text from Wally (not MSS, who is on his own mission for 37 bobbleheads).  Eureka!  Wally has found a road gray Billy Hamilton game worn jersey and texts me with the details.  I am very pumped and grateful as my friend remembers my request and is looking out for me. 

Hell Yeah, Billy Hamilton Game Worn Jersey!

I can not express how appreciative I was that Wally was able to snag a game-worn Billy Hamilton jersey for me.  As the leader of the Hamilton Homies last year, I am so pumped to wear this jersey during the next homestand.  I may even find a way to get Billy himself to sign the jersey since we follow each other on Twitter and have built a very non-corporate friendship. 


As the night progresses and Wally gets home he sends me a pic from his bedroom.  No, not like that, it’s a picture of the jersey to prove that it’s legit and he’s not trying to mess with me.  HOWEVER, there’s a problem.  

Yup, that’s not a Billy Hamilton game worn jersey.  What. The.  F?? WALLY??!!!  How in the world is this actually possible?  Does Wally not know who Billy Hamilton is?? Did he have too many Bacardi and Diets at games last year to realize this isn’t a Billy Hamilton game worn jersey??  What in the world is happening here??

Wally is somebody who I fully trust when it comes to game worn jerseys as he owns more than any person I’ve ever met.  He’s also a garage sale veteran.  How in the world is this possible??  Is this a troll job?  Does Wally not remember the Billy Hamilton era from LAST YEAR???  Talk about  a total lack of respect for a legendary player on a division winning White Sox team from one year ago.  I appreciate the effort and for looking out for something I was looking for, Wally.  The real question is, how does Billy Hamilton feel about the disrespect you put on his name!  

Wally, I think you may owe Billy Hamilton an apology!

-Brew Hand Luke

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