Favorite Album: @Biguns13

Dan is a true OG of section 108 and someone I have talked an absolute ton of music with and gone to see a number of shows with. Not to mention, his moving company was the original sponsor of the Fromthe108 podcast.

Name/Twitter Handle

Dan – @Biguns13

Favorite Album

Queensryche – Rage For Order

First time you heard it

Summer of 1986 in my Camaro after buying the cassette at Hegewisch records in Calumet City.

How often do you listen to it?

At least once every 2 months.

Why is this your favorite album?

A teenage me thought rock music was just vocals, guitars and drums. The use of computerized vocals and synthesizers blew me away. Some songs have creepy vibes but still rock. Geoff Tate’s vocals on this album are the best he has done in my opinion.

Which track would be your walk up music?

Surgical Strike

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