It’s time to Pre-Order your new favorite Bulls Themed Drinking T-Shirt…..

Give me the hot sauce!” – Stacey King

Truer words have never been spoken. We in the 108 have been selling t-shirts since the dark days of the rebuild. Aside from the “Mystery Shirts” this is only the 2nd time we’ve ever offered a pre-order. We always get yelled at for not having sizes, so we’ll just put the pressure on you, which is where it should be. Let’s take a look at the second of 2 offerings….

Order Here –>

The Chicago Bulls are FUCKING back baby! So goddamn back. They are over there at the Madhouse just making shit exciting for the fans. Ayo. Colby. Lonzo. Zach. DeMar. Caruso. Vooch. We’ll stop taking orders for this at MIDNIGHT 2/19, so yeah, limited time only folks.

Obviously you know what #108ING is, you know this site, why not share the good word with our friends on Madison? It’s a unique way to rep both the Sox / 108 / Bulls all at the same time! Plus when you roll up with a #108ING shirt, folks in the know what’s gonna go down. Mostly lots of ice cold beverages, including GOOSE ISLAND (They even have a bar/restaurant by Sec 108 at the UC.

That’s my girl Shirley making you great sandwiches and pouring great beers. She makes Italian Beef’s at Sox Park too.

Let’s take a look at that beautiful shirt again…..

God, that’s fucking awesome. See Red Indeed.

To review, there is no reason for you NOT to buy this right now. It’s produced in Chicago by local musicians that play in local bands. Money stays in the city, it’s an amazing concept. Buy a few now….

Order Here –>

And remember, The 108 loves ya.

-The 108

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