Something to Chew…January 2022

Hi gang, I’ve stopped putting off writing something new and kicked myself in the posterior to share some records and talk about a recent trip with my wonderful wife. LFG, Jack, for chrissakes!

Something Old: The Final Note – Allman Brothers Band (Recorded in 1971)

This double album is actually relatively new, I acquired it last summer for a Record Store Day release.  (I spend way too much money on RSD releases that are targeted towards my demographic, those slick geniuses!) It’s a live recording from the last live show before Duane Allman’s accidental death in a motorcycle accident. It’s actually a bad recording that’s noted with a disclaimer reading that it was made with a handheld cassette recorder over 50 years ago, SO COOL.

Enjoy these eight tracks, my favorite is the classic “Whipping Post”, but all are worth your attention. The eeriness of knowing It’s Duane’s last concert and the poor sound quality only enhances the experience.

Something New: Georgia Blue – Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit (2021)

Yup, you guessed it, this is a Record Store Day release from last November’s Black Friday extravaganza. (Those marketing wizards got more of my money!) This was a labor of love for Jason as it is a celebration of all things Georgia. There are plenty of guests that appear, including Amanda Shires, Brittney Spencer, Adia Victoria, Brandi Carlile, Julien Baker, Bèla Fleck, Chris Thile, Steve Gorman, Peter Levin, and John Paul White. All these talented people collaborate on covers of famous songs from all artists that are, well, Georgians. I friggin’ love this record, especially the REM covers, I hope you like this peach of an album as well.

Something Borrowed: Allied Forces – Triumph (40th anniversary BOX)

We borrow this luscious box set from our neighbors to the north, CANADA! Shoutout to my favorite Canadian White Sox fan and all around colourful gent, Jeff the Giant. I know when people want to flex their knowledge of Canadian artists, they hurry (wink) to tell you of a certain triumvirate, but let’s throw some rose petals or maple leaves toward Triumph.

Hey, guess what? This was a special release for Record Store Day, and it was not cheap (bastards).

There’s all kind of amazeball stuff in here like the original record, reproduced as a gorgeous picture disk. A double live concert recording, a 7” single, and all kinds of cool stuff. I like to spread it all out on the couch and look at it and read liner notes, also gleefully looking at exclusive photos. I harken back to those simpler days of my full thick wavy chestnut mane with some serious youthful bacne, I’m painting a beautiful picture. This record rawks! Thanks, Canada!

Something to Chew: Acme Oyster House 724 Iberville St, New Orleans (French Quarter)

My wife and I just took a spontaneous weekend getaway to NOLA a couple weeks ago, we love that city and have been there numerous times since going there on our honeymoon in ‘95. I know you’re gonna tell me that this place is touristy, but there’s a reason it’s always freaking crowded and there’s a line to get in extending into a stinky alley. It’s because this place is AWESOME.  I mean there’s a couple other places, one next door and one across the street where you can get relatively the same kind of food, but strangely they’re always kinda empty. I wonder why that is? Hmmmm

We were there a coupla nights and found a way to eat there twice and I probably ate close to every oyster I could stomach. I stuffed myself silly on chargrilled oysters, fried oysters, gumbo, po’ boys, and all kinds of other local delicacies. I even have a newfound hankering for butter beans (my lucky bride).

So, if you find yourself visiting the crescent city in the near future I can’t recommend this place highly enough. Run there! And you’ll probably have to wait a little bit, but you’re in NEW ORLEANS, people watch and drink your legal “to-go cocktail” as you anxiously await your seat.

Writing this blog is a lot of fun and thanks for listening to my silliness.

Talk to you soon, hopefully,

-Mailman Jack

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