Favorite Album: @showtimesamm

When you go for it like Showtime did in the #108Tourney and get the backing of our Chuck, you know I’ve got to check in on your favorite album.

Name/Twitter Handle

Showtime – @showtimesamm

Favorite Album

Gov’t Mule – Life Before Insanity

First time you heard it

Around the 2010, I finally saved up enough cash for a Harley which eventually ate my life savings lol as I was heavily discovering Gov’t Mule’s offerings. The album that stood out was “Life Before Insanity” and man it takes you on a journey. We had tickets for Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, but big surprise my bike wasn’t done at the shop. I was so bummed not to ride but heard the album in the car and was taken back by the connection I felt in my own life, and it just flat-out jammed.

How often do you listen to it?

I probably only play this album in its entirety 4 or 5 times a year. Sure I listen to the songs randomly or on live albums but to spin the entire record requires a specific mindset cause it gets the brain’s wheels turning.

Why is this your favorite album?

This album has it all; start to finish it tells story of being-humans…we’re born with guns ablazin, finding out life’s good, bad, and uglies, get wore down, then gauge our life’s work near the end…ya this power trio of Haynes, Woody(RIP🙏), and Abts laid that shit down musically as tough as any other trio.

Which track would be your walk up music?

“I Think You Know What I Mean” is a perfect walk-up song. I’d have so many buttons undone on the jersey coming out to this tune that there would be a luscious “V” of hair from my chest down to my…well, you get it. Put it on the board

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