Is MySoxSummer a Brony?

Let’s be clear, I am not judging MySoxSummer or Bronies, I just want to know.

What is a Brony?

If you opened this blog wondering, wtf is a brony, we’ll ask the MSS funded Wikipedia to attempt to explain:

Yeah, pretty straightforward, adult (male) My Little Pony fans. I gotta be honest, I was unaware of Bronies until my guy Pole was in Baltimore and stayed at the same hotel as one of their conventions.

Why do I think MySoxSummer is a Brony?

Mainly because he is adamant that he is not, without anyone questioning it:

Then he shows up to #108Day with a My Little Pony mask. But it’s a different one. So he has multiple.

Shane already tired of hearing about My Little Pony

Now that I start to wonder, I also notice he’s never told me about selling My Little Pony on eBay. You’d think with the time he spends in Thrift Stores he’d have come across some. Have we found something that he hoards for himself and doesn’t sell?

By Keith Survell from USA – cosplayers group shot 2Uploaded by Masem, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Honestly, I got his back no matter what, so I’m actually just a little hurt he won’t share his Brony lifestyle with us.


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