Genevieve Beacom – 1st Female Pro Baseball Player in Australia

Genevieve Beacom became the 1st female pro baseball player in Australia earlier today. I think today, I’m terrible with time zones.

Regardless, she’s broken the gender barrier in professional baseball and that in itself is exciting. And former MLB pitcher Peter Moylan will be the first to tell you, it is well deserved:

If anyone thinks this is just a token selection, then they need to think again because she has 100% earned her spot on the development list with the Melbourne Aces.

Melbourne Aces Head Coach Pete Moylan

But now, we don’t even need to take his word as seeing is believing:

At 17, Genevieve is throwing in the mid-80s with a good curve. While similar sports like cricket have seen the gender barrier broken, but not much after, could baseball be different? I know there are different skill sets at play, but is it crazy to think that with the abundance of extremely talented college softball players in the US that there might be a few who can throw in the 90s? And if so, wouldn’t that be the base skill needed to pitch in the minors? What do you think, could we see women pitching in the minors and eventually the MLB in the near future?


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