Favorite Album: @cfunkadelic84

If I’ve had the good fortune of having a beer with you at RiotFest, you better believe I want to know your favorite album. Not to mention, I’m still laughing about this tweet:

Name/Twitter Handle

colin – @cfunkadelic84

Favorite Album

This is a tough question cause I could name like 15 that I really dig. I wanna say Fantastic Planet by Failure, but I’m gonna have to go with Check Your Head by Beastie Boys.

First time you heard it

Probably when it came out in 92? I was 8 years old so memory is a bit hazy

How often do you listen to it?

Quite often. Back then I stole this on CD from one of my brothers. I actually just played it last week at work. A guy came up to me to thank me cause he hadn’t listened to it in 20 years and he forgot how much it kicks ass.

Why is this your favorite album?

Look at what these guys did on this album. It’s crazy how many different styles of music they blended together and tossed onto 20 tracks. They went a completely different direction from their previous work and I love it. Money Mark was like a secret weapon with his contributions. Not every artist can say that they made an iconic album that still hold up real well and in my opinion the Beasties had 2 albums back to back.

Which track would be your walk up music?

Oh man. Probably Pass The Mic. The drums fucking rip

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