Wake Up / Weekend Plans

GOOD MORNING WHITE SOX FANS! Welcome to what will be the 2nd best playoff run in the history of White Sox baseball. How we feeling? Really? Oh that’s excellent! We have ALOT going on in the next few days and the guy who forgets everything figured it would be best to get it all on the record on where we’ll be and what we’ll be doing.

Lil’ Friday (Thursday) • Game 1 • @Houston • 3:07 pm Start

HERE. WE. GO. We started the day with our #WayTooEarly Pre-Game Show. Which we will do FOR EVERY FUCKING PLAYOFF GAME. Yes, every playoff game we will be up at 6am talking our brand of #BaseballBeerBullshit to the early crowd. Remember what our buddy Ricky Bobby always says….

If You Ain't First, Yer Last! - ServiceTrade

AND you can catch all of these pre-game streams on our YouTube channel…..#Subscribe Today!


One (or 2) of us will be joining Josh Nelson for a pregame Spaces on Twitter! About 2pm. So follow him on Twitter and look for updates.

GAME TIME. We’ll be hanging out over at Section 108 West – Wings and Rings (BWR • 3434 S. Halsted St.) starting at 3pm.

Maybe we’ll sleep a bit after the W, maybe we won’t…..

Fri-Yay • Game 2 • @Houston • 1:08 pm Start

At 6am we’ll start with our #WayTooEarly Pre-Game show which you can catch on our YouTube channel…..#Subscribe Today!


Our good friends at Goose Island have BREWED A BEER FOR US called Lil’ Friday Lager! Goes great in a hot tub and while crushing beers with other Sox fans. Right now, it’s only available at the Fulton Taproom (1800 West Fulton Street) on draft and 32oz crowlers. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to My Block • My Hood • My City so it’s a win-win. PLUS, if you missed the rally on Monday, they have a bunch of those posters they gave out and YOU’LL GET ONE WHEN YOU DRINK OUR BEER!


PLUS if you come up on Saturday, we’ll be there (check Twitter for details on that day) celebratory drinking Lil’ Friday Lager at the taproom, we’ll give you a LIL’ FRIDAY Koozie! Yep. So what’s your fucking excuse? THAT’S RIGHT. SEE YA THERE!

One (or 2) of us will be joining Josh Nelson for a pregame Spaces on Twitter! About 12pm. So follow him on Twitter and look for updates.

At 1pm we’ll be at Ballpark Pub (514 W. Pershing Rd.) watching OUR Sox run a train on Framber Valdez. They have great burgers and cold beer. What more do you need?

Saturday • Day Off or Day Drinking?

No game today, so let’s sleep in.

After sleeping in, we’ll head up to the Goose Island Fulton Taproom (1800 West Fulton Street) and have a few Lil’ Friday Lagers. We’ll giveaway some koozies and posters, come say hi! Just check our twitter for an announcement on when we’ll actually show up.

Sunday • Game 3 • @Chicago • 7pm Start

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Let’s get after it Sox fans! We’ll see your ass at the park. Get there EARLY (Like 5pm). You don’t wanna miss a minute. Let’s live up this moment. It’s our time to shine and we gotta show out for our boys! So get loud!

So you’re busy this weekend, TRUST ME. Come hang with your drunk uncles.


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