Something to Chew – July 2021

Hi kids, I’m finally putting some stuff down on paper. I’ve been procrastinating pretty good lately as well as enjoying the roller coaster ride of a 162 game season of first place White Sox baseball.  As I relax poolside whilst on vacation it seems like a golden time to share some silliness with you. Okay, let’s get down to business.

Something Old: Sneaking Sally Through the Alley – Robert Palmer (1974)

This is Robert’s first solo album and a great start right from the get-go. Let me just begin by saying that I’m a huge fanboy of his and he’s one of my earliest music crushes. I have a wonderfully loved and abused copy of this vinyl. However, I recently upgraded to a new emerald green vinyl 180g copy that was dropped last Record Store Day. I’m thoroughly satisfied.

I’ll rank this album’s side 1’s up with some of my favorites in my record collection. I especially love the seamless flow between Sailin’ Shoes (Track 1) right into Hey Julia (Track 2).  The title track was actually written by Lowell George of Little Feat and he appears on several tracks of this record. Robert had some very impressive backing musicians and vocalists that include The Meters and Steve Winwood among others.  Give this classic a few hundred spins and see if you gush as much as I do.

Something New: Turn Off The News (Build a Garden) – Lukas Nelson & Promise of The Real (2019)

If this guy’s last name sounds familiar, it should, he’s Willie’s son. I’ve been totally grooving on him lately. He’s been touring with Dad’s band forever and also putting out records with his own band for a while now. He’s got a little more of a Skynard/Marshall Tucker vibe going on than just following along on Willie’s sound. 

You can respect the family genes of creativity and I also like that his singing voice seems a little awkwardly off at times, but totally works on his songs.  If you caught the Austin City Limits episode with Kacey Musgraves, he and the band are also on and inject some much needed life into the show.  I think if you seek out Lukas’s music you’ll agree with me that his star has only begun to rise. Enjoy!

Something Borrowed: Still Got The Blues – Gary Moore (1990)

I can endlessly thank Aloha Mr. Hand for pointing me toward this album. It’s a beast of a record from this musician from Northern Ireland that has also recorded with Thin Lizzy and Skid Row amongst others.  This album has him delving into some awesome electric blues and he does it tremendously. 

There’s a funny story about how I had some problems actually getting this record due to issues with shipping and weird tracking notices from a certain courier that I’m very familiar with, but I’m not one to dwell on what may or may not have happened.  I actually got a brand new copy of the record in the end and couldn’t be happier.

Go out, or order online, and buy this record because it delivers! Thanks, Pete.

Something To Chew: Crawford Sausage Company 2310 South Pulaski, Chicago (Little Village)

If you’ve ever purchased Daisy Brand products at a local grocery store and thought to yourself if you can go directly to where they make it and save a couple two tree bucks by getting it directly from the source……

No? Maybe just me, I’m a slave to my inner cheapskate.

I friggin’ love this place and I can honestly say they make/sell some of my favorite hot dogs, lunch meats, and sausages available in the city.  I’d also like to apologize to my wonderful wife for having to endure the curious smells that emit from my body after I stock up on a visit. My last trip I purchased some natural casing frankfurters as well as hunter sausage, and perfectly stinkeriffic garlic beer sausage. Chef’s kiss!

Now, this is a factory store, no frills. Don’t think you’re going to Whole Foods or something. You go in and look at their smallish display case and product list, tell them how many pounds or hundreds of links you want and  BOOM, you’re walking out with a big cardboard box that’ll have you achieve total greatness at your next BBQ/Gathering.

Fun Fact: It’s right next door the Post Office-Otis Grant Collins station. (wink)

This edition of Something To Chew took a while and I promise to have another out ridiculously soon to chronicle why my wife will be filing for divorce after she realizes how much money I spent on this year’s two editions of Record Store Days. Until then, GO WHITE SOX!

-Mailman Jack


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