L.A. Beast is MySoxSummer’s Doppelgänger

If you’re a long time viewer/listener to our podcast, you have probably heard me at some point refer to MySoxSummer as LA Feast. I don’t do it often and I rarely offer an explanation. You may think it’s because he’s a 108thicc boi who lived on the West Coast, but it is not. It’s because there is a legendary eater out there who guys by the name of LA Beast. He is MySoxSummer’s doppelgänger.

The looks are pretty damn close if you ask me, but the other thing about them is their affinity for the backwards baseball cap. It really drives up the resemblance. And the looks were enough for me, but as I watched LA Beast videos on the internet (which if you have a strong stomach, you should), I noticed that LA Beast’s entire background looks to be things that MySoxSummer likely sold him on eBay. There is a Teddy Ruxpin, Ghostbuster action figures, a ring full of WWF wrestlers. Just a bunch of stuff that one guy found in a thrift store and sold to a guy that looks exactly like him.

I’m not sure why I felt the need to share this, but I just had to. You can check out LA Beast trying to eat some insanely hot shit below:


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