We’ve come a long way, baby.

In this past week alone, I’ve had two fans come up to me and say “Damn MSS, how long have you guys been doing this 108 thing?” And the answer is since 2015-16. We invaded SoxFest 2017 with free shirts and a few fans, so that was our coming out party. It’s been met with, “Man, I’ve only been following for 2 years or so…I feel bad!” Well, folks don’t feel bad there is a reason why you hadn’t heard of us until more recently. And that reason is because of BUNCHES AND BUNCHES OF ASSHOLES.

Oh sure now, you hear us getting shouted out in Pre-Games, Post-Games, during the game (both on radio and TV), in the Athletic, Fantasy Baseball magazines, you know, all that shit. But that wasn’t always the case. I detailed it in a blog many moons ago…

The 5 – All The Places We’ve been Banned.

In the early days people running Sox fan sites online wouldn’t allow me to post our great blog on their site. Including, but not limited to, Reddit, Soxtalk (FB Group) and Sox Fans On Deck (FB Group). Plus we got some kind words from Reddit user “-MrCobalt-“….

And some more…

And finally he gave us some words of wisdom…

And I responded….

And yes you read that right. Let’s repeat it for the people in the back…

People are pretty nice and supportive on the internet. They really give ya the juice to keep going! Well, you can see why it’s hard fucking work to get your blog/podcast to a place that many consider successful. You gotta have that thick skin. Many people will tell you that they don’t give a fuck what people think, many people are also lying douchebags. For me, I wanna have some sort of reassurance that I’m not out there just yelling at clouds.

You gotta be stubborn, which is what the great Josh Nelson told us when we started our podcast (which he guilted Chorizy into doing). And he was RIGHT. You need to stick to a schedule and just do it. You need to produce stuff regularly. No one ever became better by doing NOTHING. You have to do SOMETHING BADLY to learn how to do SOMETHING GOOD(LY). That’s even LIFE advice.

Who in their right fucking mind would have thought that 3 overweight drunk guys, smashing beers, talking baseball would even garner an audience? NO ONE. Well one, our guy Justin formerly of Baderbrau thought it was a GREAT idea. (Sorry we drank you outta business Baderbrau.) And even when we started it, we didn’t have all of the views we get now. But did that stop us? HELL NO. We just got fatter and drunker. I’d love to hear “-Mr. Cobalt-“‘s thoughts on the #SundaySoak Powered by Goose Island. I’m sure he would have thought it was a genius idea, something we should explore. Or even his thoughts on the White Sox Twitter Tourney that both Chorizy and myself panned as a “bad idea” and “too much work”. That’s been insanely successful and has really got our name and our brand of bullshit out to the masses, which luckily Loaf stuck it out and made it into what you see today.

So why did I write this? Mostly to show the “yutes” of the world that ain’t a single person gonna hand anything that’s worth something to you. You gotta go grab that, or you gotta make your own. I fully doubt that any ‘legit” media place would have green lit the #SundaySoak. I also doubt that many would have seen the humor in many of our podcast discussions. But you the fan has, and that’s refreshing to all of us involved. When I met consumers of our brands it takes about 5 minutes to fully realize why that person is a fan. They might drop a nugget on me that I wasn’t expecting. And I’ll think, “Yep, that right there is why you like us.” Mostly, because you ARE us.

So don’t give up and keep trying stuff till it works. There is an audience out there for ya, but sometimes it takes time to find it.


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