The Big Homie’s Favorite #108Tourney Memes

Welcome to the third of the intern’s three #108Tourney recap blogs! In this list of five article, I look at my five favorite memes from this year’s tournament.

1. Dick the Knife (@SavesTuesday)

Our friend Dick made a strong impact in his first ever #108Tourney appearance. Entering as a 5 seed, Sox Twitter’s resident wrestling photoshop expert continued his expertise into his 2nd round matchup with NWI Steve, including this recreation of the Montreal Screwjob after his .3% loss.

2. Wet Bandit (@Wet_Bandit_)

Wet Bandit has been spectacular with his memes throughout his six years on Twitter and was nothing short of impressive for the 2021 tourney. In this photo from his Sunday Soak Region semifinal matchup, Bandit uses a photo from Lauren Wilz and adds his spin as Marv Murchins from Home Alone.

3. Ryan (@Moncada4MVP)

This entrance is unique, as Ryan was not a participant in the #108Tourney. However, many people produced content on behalf of gd, another #108Tourney rookie. This meme is simple, funny, and one of many pieces of content that helped gd to a monster run in his first time in the tournament.

4. Unprotected_Sox (@SoxUnprotected)

Tournament juggernaut Unprotected made another big run in the #108Tourney in 2021. For the final round matchup between him and the previously mentioned gd, Unprotected put out this hilarious meme after gaining a sizeable lead, playing on the cold takes constantly put out by Hector Gomez.

5. Rudy (@CoveysBurner)

Rudy ran into the toughest 14 seed in #108Tourney history in Payton but managed to stay funny during his time of humility.

Those were my five favorite memes from the 2021 #108Tourney. This is the final article in my series of recap blogs. It was my pleasure to be a part of the tournament this year!

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