The 5 – Las Vegas Casinos I’ve Gambled in that No Longer Exist

The pandemic has me trying to make the best of things and trying to learn something from it, but you know what, no matter how well I think I am built to handle being a hermit for a year, I am still human and I still miss things. One thing I miss most is just a lost weekend of gambling, sun and boozing in Sin City. It’s a simple pleasure but I really used to enjoy it. As I think back fondly on those trips, I want to make a list of those gambling halls that no longer exist.

This is the 5. Five Las Vegas Casinos that I’ve gambled in that no longer exist.

The New Frontier

I remember gambling at this joint in the early 2000’s. I was in Vegas with my wife and the in-laws (my in-laws fucking love Vegas!!!). Everyone else was shopping and I had zero interest in that shit, so I took a little stumble down the north end of the strip to gamble in a few joints that I rarely went into. Stopped in this place and played a few dozen hands of $5 black jack while knocking back some Captain and Cokes. There’s nothing better to be doing at 1pm in the afternoon imo. It was a tired looking, sawdust style joint by the time I went there, but it had it’s charms.

The Las Vegas Club

I earned my first meal comp at this fremont street joint, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. Once I started gambling a little bit more and started visiting Vegas more, Chorizy and I always had free room comps at this place and the Plaza (right across the street). I’ve always enjoyed gambling on Fremont Street more than the Strip, looser games, cheaper limits and wilder people watching……real salt of the earth type folks. My kinda scene.

The Riviera

A classic joint that used to be a big deal back in the day. It was even featured prominently in the movie Vegas Vacation as it is where Nick Pappagiorgio is born. When I visited, it was tired as fuck and had dealers that were aged and tired. The joint was warn down back in the mid-2000’s kind of amazing it made it all the way till 2015 when it finally closed down. Regardless, I’m always sad when these Old Yeller’s get taken out back and shot. It always strikes me that there could’ve been just one more hot run at the craps table in me for that joint, but alas, she GONE!

The Stardust

ALLEGEDLY the Stardust was the casino that they modelled the Tangiers off of in the movie Casino. It seemed solidly OLD SCHOOL when I made my way in there to gamble once upon a time ago. I’m glad I stepped foot in this joint before it met it’s demise in 2006. A classic old joint that I wish Las Vegas would’ve made a conscious effort to keep open. Wouldn’t it be cool if the city banded together and at least kept the casinos of some of these classic spots running? Too bad.

The Barbary Coast

Beef and Chorizy dominating the dice table

This place has been rebranded into some different shit, so although the structure is still there and it is still a casino, it ain’t the same. This was the first spot I gambled at on my bachelor party (not more than 20 mins of playing Let It Ride, I smashed a 4 of a kind for almost a thousand bucks). It was a cheap spot in the middle of the strip to gamble that had a crazy ass club in the basement (Drai’s) and degenerate gamblers on the casino floor. Whatta spot. I ALWAYS stopped in this place to gamble on a trip to Vegas, now, that fun place is gone, replaced by just a regular ass strip casino. DAMN SHAME.

Got a Vegas joint that is no longer with us that you miss gambling in, hit me up!


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