Paul McCartney x Rick Rubin

Last year, the Peter Jackson documentary about the Beatles was delayed until 2021. The documentary is supposed to feature a lot of unseen footage of the Beatles and in the hands of Peter Jackson, that sounds pretty cool to me. However, last month a different documentary was announced that really excites me.

Paul McCartney x Rick Rubin will be a documentary series about McCartney’s entire career. Rubin is said to be there to dig deeper into the music with McCartney. It’s also noted that this is the first time the Beatles’ masters will leave Abbey Road Studios. While not confirmed, that news plus the trailer below make me think Rubin and McCartney will be putting together new mixes of these original masters. That would be something.

It got me to thinking, while McCartney and Rubin are a dream team for this, who else would I like to see team up for something like this. The pairing that I felt would be very interesting would be Roger Waters x Trent Reznor. Reznor playing the role of producer in this pairing. While he doesn’t have the prolific producing career that Rick Rubin does, he has been on the cutting edge of production for more than 30 years and him talking to someone who was getting incredible production value in the ’60s would just be amazing.

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I then tried to guess the pairings BeefLoaf and MSS would choose.

My choice for Beef is Jay-Z x Dr. Dre and for MSS it’s Eddie Vedder x Butch Vig. They can let me know how I did. But also, I’d love for you to tell me your dream team. One caveat, they need to be alive, so this could actually happen.


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