Clearance Sale: Left Handed Bats

I put the “Clearance Sale” on the front of this in order to entice MySoxSummer to read it and maybe even buy into it. It’s no secret that the White Sox were able to crush lefty pitching last year. But there was a definite fall off in production against RHP. Since we’re looking at team stats, we can focus right in on the runs produced. The Sox produced a run every 5.6 plate appearances against lefties, but only every 8.15 plate appearances against righties. This is made worse by the pitchers in the division. If current rosters were set right now, 14 of the 20 SP in their division are RHP. All 5 of the Cleveland Spiders’ starters are right handed. Making this predicament even worse, this is the latest picture we have from the front office.

But don’t you worry, I know how to make you feel better or possibly worse. Either way, let’s look at some options that won’t break the bank, but may just work.

Eric Thames

I wrote about picking up Thames last year. Luckily we did not, but hey, we can hope for a dead cat bounce on this one.



His 2020 slash line was .203/.300/.317. Yamahama Fright Night! The splits you ask? Nah, they won’t help you either.

Matt Joyce

Matt Joyce is one of those guys that has never been good, but has also always been good. Just gotta use him correctly. He can play the corner outfield spots, but he’s probably more of a LF than RF.


The guy hits right handed pitching. In 2019, his WRC+ was 131 and was 107 last year. These aren’t eye popping numbers, but they are good.


We don’t want to watch him bat against lefties.

Brad Miller

The utility player, not this guy


Hits RHP well and plays every position. He’s the guy you’ll play instead of Danny Mendick. I know people love Danny, but trust me, this is an upgrade.


Is not the basketball player and cannot hit lefties.


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