I will take one Eric Thames, please

In a bit of a surprising move yesterday, the Brewers declined their $7.5M option on Eric Thames, instead choosing to pay him a $1M buyout and send him into free agency. Now, this may be an overreaction to my surprise or possibly just an overreaction to Thames’s gigantic steroid-era body. But this seems like the exact guy the Sox should make the 26th man on the roster.

I get that he strikes out at a 30% clip and we don’t need more of that. However, he absolutely kills right handers, last year against RHP: .254/.348/.529. And if I look above us in the division, there is a bunch of that. Jose Berrios, Corey Kluber, Shane Bieber, Carlos Carrasco, Mike Clevinger all righties. You can throw Casey Mize in there too since I assume we’ll see him soon.

I know it’s not the big move people want, but there are a lot of spots to fill and picking up a lefty with power that can play an average defensive 1b and can handle RF from time to time is a good move. I think you absolutely do it with the now expanded roster. And oh yeah, his nickname in Korea was “God”. How can you argue with that?


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