Something to Chew…December

Hi Kids, It’s me again, as this year winds down I decided to get my lazy-ass into gear and type some stuff.  I hope these blogs I’ve shared with you this year has given you nearly as much pleasure as I’ve given myself. (heheh)  Let’s get this party started.

Something Old: Diana – Diana Ross (1980)

My wonderful wife asked me to pick up a copy of this record once when I was on my way to the record store.  She normally doesn’t ask me to get her anything when I’m going there, so I figured this was something she wanted.  She and her sisters played this record endlessly in their yute, she couldn’t have picked anything much better.  This was Diana Ross’s final and biggest selling album released with the Motown label.  Diana enlisted Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards of Chic to help her dive into something new and break away from the end of the disco era.  If you don’t recognize at least three of these songs, I don’t know where you’ve been. 

The two biggest hits on here are Upside Down and I’m Coming Out.  They’re both symbolic songs in the turning point in her musical career, the latter being a beautiful anthem of the LGBTQ community.  This album is a joy and if you haven’t, please give it a thorough listen.

Something New: Perfectly Imperfect at the Ryman – Margo Price (2020)

This 11 song double album was recorded during Margo’s three night stint at the Ryman Auditorium in 2018.  The recording process is kind of stripped down and raw, giving you a pure feeling of being there, being at a live show is something all of us can sure stand to do again really soon.

Allow me to gush a little —— Margo Price is a total badass and I LOVE THIS RECORD!


There’s plenty of familiar original songs on here and a couple two tree covers, one is an exhilarating version of Proud Mary that’ll make you tap your toe especially vigorously.  You’ll also hear some guest appearances on here from the likes of, Emmylou Harris, Jack White and Sturgill Simpson (who also plays guitar in the band).  Enjoy this beauty and the mailman has got this round of drinks, Cheers!

Something Borrowed: To Willie – Phospherescent (2008)

This record was lent to me by daughter’s boyfriend Colin (@tapehouseUSA), what’s funny is he actually thinks I’m intending to return it.  I recently asked him to pick me up a Record Store Day Black Friday Willie Nelson album (Willie live on Austin City Limits performing the entire Red Headed Stranger record, it’s crazy good) from the Reckless Records near where he lives.  Colin nicely also passed along this lovely Willie Nelson tribute by the artist Phospherescent  (Matthew Houck).  Holy schnikies, this is really good! 

I love me some Willie but I reckon to say that this guy adds some extra oomph to some of these songs, this far exceeded my expectations.  I would’ve never thought of listening to this and thus is the beauty of the something borrowed segment of my blog, and I get a free record. ; – )

I highly recommend you giving this a listen, even if you’re not a fan of Mr. Nelson’s. Thanks, Colin.

Something To Chew: D’Masti Catering 11915 S. Western Ave, Blue Island

Jack, a catering company? Yes, this place also has a deli/sandwich shop located inside that serves up some tasty treats that’ll bring a big smile to your face.  Their catering service is top notch and you’ve probably eaten their delicacies at a fancy shindig you may have been to, but I’m here to wax poetically about the to go stuff. They serve up some great subs, my favorite is The Destroyer, which consists of ham, bologna, hard salami, American and brick cheese with 1000 island dressing.

You can also get your sandwich groove on in many other ways.  IMO, the shining star of this oasis is their homemade potato salad, excuse me as I wipe my drool off the keyboard.

Quick story – I once asked the nice owner why the potato salad is so damn delicious. Her response, “Well it probably starts with our homemade mayonnaise….” Me— “Oh, heck yeah! I get it now. I’ll take two pounds, please.”

They also sell to go dinners and desserts of all kinds, I recently picked up some chicken & sausage jambalaya as well as big hunk of tiramisu and some incredible bread pudding. 

Luckily for me, their shop is relatively near my route so if you venture over there and see me, I’ll take the destroyer lunch combo with potato salad and a (diet) Coke. Please, call ahead and wear a mask before entering.

This has been a lot of fun, let’s listen to some more rekkids and grab a bite together soon.

-Mailman Jack

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