Drunk Talk: Mini-Cask

The past 9 months have been a time of me drinking quite a bit in my own house. In order to keep that fresh, I have been doing things like trying new drink recipes and getting liquors I don’t typically imbibe. So when I saw that I could buy this tiny cask to age liquor in, I just had to do it.

Since I wasn’t sure how effective this would actually be, I started with a white whiskey, which is basically moonshine. But my idea was that if this really does work, I should at least see a change in color.

The instructions say 2-4 weeks should be good, so I went with 3. Now let me tell you, the angel’s share is a real thing. Shit evaporated like a MFer. I mean, I also drank some of this, but you can see the difference in quantity. Now that said, the quality had also changed. it went from straight fire moonshine, to a more mellow, much darker whiskey with some actual vanilla notes. Overall, it was a fun experience, and it’ll make me a few old fashioneds for sure.


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