The One-Hitter – Tony LaRussa??

This is the one-hitter, don’t forget to exhale.

Bob Nightengale has posted a series of tweets that are lighting up the #WhiteSox twitter sky and not necessarily in a good way.

Now, I don’t think it’s likely that Tony LaRussa manages the White Sox again after a 30+ year break from being here, but selfishly, I wish he would. Not only is he an odd character, but he loves cats, loves wine (probably a little too much) and speaks spanish. Those are all seemingly good qualities. Plus, I also think that us 108ers would be a favorite to get Tony in the tub with us for a good old fashioned #SundaySoak

A Natural Fit…

Seriously tho, one scenario I could actually visualize where Tony LaRussa takes the job would be to mentor a “future” candidate for the job that just isn’t quite ready to man the ship of a playoff contender. So you bring in TLR for a year or two and then hand the reigns over to Justin Jirschele who has been sitting next to him on the bench for that time. He’s the likely heir apparent….just a thought.


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