The 5 – Hilarious 2020 White Sox fan complaints

Sometimes we need to reminder ourselves, that “Fan” is short for “Fanatic” and that certainly applies in today’s edition of “THE 5”, five Hilarious 2020 White Sox fan complaints…..

5 – Use Ross Detwiler MORE!!!

Now, nothing makes me more personally happy then when a guy who has sucked eggs for a half decade finally plays decently, even if just for a short stretch. That was Big Boss Ross!! Before the season, people were moaning and groaning that he was signed to a minor league deal, seemingly as depth, after what they had seen of him with the big club. BUT, low and behold, a couple tree decent appearances and you got people screaming on the manager on twitter to summon on ole Ross. I LOVE BASEBALL!!

4 – If Adam Engel doesn’t start every day, I’ll….

This gorgeous photo is from the Chicago Sun-Times

This charge was lead by none other than our fearless television analyst and parroted by many a suds’d up fan. Adam Engel has done a terrific job turning hisself from a lowly drafted 19th rounder to actually even making the major leagues and now seemingly being a quality 4th outfielder on a contender. I would not print EVERYDAY CORNER OUTFIELDER on the business card just yet. I guess watching Nomar Mazara for 2 months has it’s side effects.

3 – Jose Abreu should bat further back in the lineup

Picture from MLBTradeRumors

A little bit of data made everyone dangerous in thinking Jose Abreu was cooked and needed to bat 6th or whatever. It is a good thing the White Sox don’t think like us, because not only did they give him new paper in the off-season which was maligned as well, but they kept trotting him out there in the run producing parts of the line up and he gave them the best 60 games of his career. Will he win the MVP, no clue, but imagine how hilarious it would’ve been if he’d been batting 6th or whatever the fuck for the first half of the season. Another thing to blame Ricky for post-hoc.

2 – Luis Robert should lead off instead of Tim Anderson

I love Luis Robert, regardless of what White Sox Sal says. After a nice 10 day stint as the lead off man, Sox twitter was ready to send the 2019 batting champ to somewhere else in the damn lineup. Good thing it didn’t happen as Robert faded and Anderson crushed. Anderson’s 9 hits in 14 plate appearances in the playoffs was an all-time postseason performance. This is one of those first world problems, but still pretty goofy in the moment.

1 – Aaron Bummer should be the closer

Imagine being Alex Colome, you come to work everyday, you are near perfect at your job, and the goofy fans get so nervous while you are being nearly perfect that they call for your job WHEN YOU SUCCEED!! I was a nervous kid myself, not sure why, I just was, and even I wasn’t calling for Aaron Bummer at closer. The White Sox fan condition is a weird one.

See one that I missed? Holler at me on the twitter machine. It’s always fun to look back on things we yelled about and missed on….I know I exclaimed #5 above at least thrice.


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