Something to Chew….September

Hi kids, It’s me again, let’s talk about my spending a lot of money on Record Store Day 2020 and we can catch up on that little baseball team we all love.  Can you believe it? The White Sox have clinched a playoff spot for the first time since 2008.  I’m totally jacked up about this.  We’ve waited long and patiently for this.  And just like that, it’s over. Enough baseball talk, let’s get to the fun stuff.

Something Old: Deja Vu – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (1970)

I was gifted this gem by my bud/brother-in-law/+1 for the now infamous Soxfest afterparty at Reggie’s, @TradeshowScott, he hit this out of the ballpark like a first pitch fastball thrown to Luis Robert.  I could get all pompous music nerd  and go track by track telling tales of recording angst and get all preachy, but that’s not my style.  We should just give this piece of art a listen and think to ourselves “I’ve probably heard every one of these songs on the radio at one time or another, that’s crazy!”.  My favorite song is Our House, but I could’ve picked at least four songs.  Give it a spin and thank me and Scott later. BTW, thank goodness for Uber, that was one heckuva night at Reggie’s.

Something New(ish): All The Weird Kids Up Front (Mas Rojas Chidas) –  Spoon (2020)

This year there’s actually three Record Store Days to help make up for this shitty pandemic, the first was August 29th so of course I took a ride to @RediscverRecords and @BeverlyRecords.  I picked up some greatness from both places, but I think my favorite drop was this Spoon record.  It’s a compilation of songs from their glorious career; what makes this special is the tracklist of favorite deep cuts that was actually put together by fan voting.   I saw that the first two songs were The Fitted Shirt and Don’t Make Me A Target, I was instantly sold.  I love the idea of a Greatest (sorta)Hits record for the fans.

Even though the dates may have passed, some of these exclusive RSD releases might still be there or available to order, just ask.  Please support your local record stores, they’re definitely an essential commodity in our communities. 

Something Borrowed: Trace – Son Volt (1995)

This was a suggested purchase from my dude, @rwagnerful, like I said I went to Rediscover Records on Record Store Day and he was more than willing to point me towards one of his desert island records.  It’s like he knows me or something, we’re very simpatico, so to speak. 

*A very brief history lesson: There was once a good band called Uncle Tupelo, they broke up and actually spawned two bands, Wilco and Son Volt.  One of the few times a band broke up and it made a better thing (or two).

As you listen to Trace you’re almost transcended to a different place by it’s beauty.  This record is awesome, it flows like a well paved road along a stretch of beautiful scenery. (shut up,Jack) okay, I’ll stop gushing, go buy it and enjoy the ride without skipping anything on both sides of this album.  Thanks Rich, and GO WHITE SOX!

Something To Chew:  Lassak Delicatessen 8017 W. 103rd st, Palos Hills

One of the benefits of breaking my hand at work recently was the fact that this place is “literally” right around the corner from my orthopedist.  Do you like Polish food? Well I f-ing love it; this place is a veritable sausage fest. I come from a big family of Polish/Slovak heritage and this place just hits me in the feels.  There’s a huge deli counter where you can get all kinds of assorted kielbasa, lunch meat, and cheeses  (Try the kabanos, think about a slim jim on roids).  There’s also an insane selection of delicious hot foods to-go at crazy reasonable prices (always get some soup, trust me).  I can wander around here and get lost while drooling for hours on end. Shoutout to the snack and candy aisles also.  This is a super clean and CDC safe grocery store and delicatessen, wear your mask but remember your mouth is covered when you’re trying to sneak a taste of something.  English is kinda spoken as a second language in here and I’m all for it, just point and smile, they’re super helpful and friendly here. 

I’m a simple man with simple tastes, I like what I like (everything). The recent success of the White Sox has me waxing poetic, thanks for letting me ramble.  Let’s talk again soon.

Mailman Jack

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