MLB Playoff Picks: BeefLoaf vs Chorizy-E

The brothers are laying down their MLB playoff picks against each other. Are they doing this just for pride? Heck no! Something has got to be on the line. The loser has to buy the winner a Nuke Laloosh jersey. Scoring will be by round (2 pts for WC, 4 pts for DS, 6 pts for CS, 8 pts for WS).

BeefLoaf Picks

BeefLoaf: I literally made my picks in like 2 mins, just choosing whoever I thought the better team is in a short series versus the others.  I had no fucking clue how symmetrical it actually looked, but it seems fitting that 2020 being the bullshittiest year of our lives ends in a BROhio World Series.  That’s the kinda World Series that’s like morning breath all day and it’s fitting that the Cleveland Baseball Team gets their hopes and dreams dashed once again.  It made me happy picking them to lose.  I can’t wait for the weird postgame interview of Trevor Bauer after the clincher.  Rob Manfred will immediately change these expanded playoffs back to 5 teams to avoid this shit again.

Chorizy-E Picks

Chorizy-E: Now look, I don’t condone violence. However, a World Series brawl just feels like what we need this year.

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