Something To Chew….August

It’s me again, only now we actually have some delicious White Sox baseball to enjoy. They’re looking pretty good, when healthy, you can really see why there’s so much good vibes going on this year. That’s enough baseball talk, let’s listen to some records and get something to eat.


Something Old: Linda Ronstadt – Greatest Hits (1973)

I don’t normally go with a compilation record on my blog, but this one, like the artist is a beauty.  If you’re a little older, you might’ve had certain thoughts about Ms. Ronstadt (excuse me, I’ll be right back) I know that I have.  If you haven’t, that is okay too.  The track list on this record is just one great tune after another, thus the title.  My favorite song on here is Different Drum, which was actually written by Mike Nesmith, yes the guy with the blue hat from The Monkees.  As you listen to this album you’ll be reminded after each memorable journey, just what a beautiful sultry voice that she has. just pretend that you’re Jerry Brown as you take in this whole record.  Linda is definitely a superstar in my book, enjoy!

  • IMO, her cover of Desperado is better than the original.


Something New: Sturgill Simpson – Sound & Fury (2019)


Sturgill is an artist that doesn’t rest on his laurels, the dude actually collaborated with Japanese director Junpei Misusaki to make an accompanying dystopian anime film which is available on Netflix. I’m not really sure I can describe how awesome this record is, just get it and listen with the sound way up.  I’m not sure my 30+ year old Cerwin Vegas can handle much more of this album.  I think somewhere SS is somehow related to ZZ Top and The Human League.  If I’ve confused you enough already, then my work here is done.  Go to your local record store and pick up a vinyl copy, and as the kids say, drop the needle on the record.  If you can’t tell by now, I really like this one.


Something Borrowed: Mayer Hawthorne – How Do You Do (2011)

I want to thank my White Sox Twitter friend @LWilz for suggesting this beautiful recording to me.  Lauren actually suggested two or tree records to me, I chose this one.  I also want to give her full photo credit for the accompanying pic.  I found this great deal on a used copy of this record and unfortunately I’m still waiting for it. (kinda ironic, huh) So I’ve just enjoyed this blue eyed soul singer trough streaming.  This is a really good album that I would’ve never bought or listened to if not for Lauren; it’s kinda a good get in the mood for some lovin’ record.  Now that I think about it, all of the records in this blog share a common theme in the groin area.  Back to this record, it’s a real throwback to the soulful Motown sounds of yesteryear while combining it with modern studio sounds, the song “Can’t Stop” even has a cameo appearance from Snoop Dogg.  I think my favorite track is “Stick Around”, but the whole album is super enjoyable and love inducing.  I can’t wait until I receive my vinyl copy in the mail.  Thanks Lauren (is that ER you’re watching in the background of your pic?)


Something To Chew: Tony’s Italian Beef 7007 S. Pulaski, Chicago (West Lawn)

I don’t know where to start on this South Side gem.  Let’s just say that there’s a reason that ComEd workers have been lining up here for over 40 years, it’s amazeballs.  The Italian Beef is on the headline, but for me,

I love their breaded steak even more than a certain place by our favorite ballpark.

Wait! I almost forgot about the lenten staple, their sublime pepper & egg sandwich.  So let’s make a run here for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, they’ve got what you crave (excellent shakes too).  If someone asks you what is a quintessential Chicago low key place, it’s Tony’s.  Right now, during these unprecedented times, they’re open and following all CDC and LL guidelines so no worries. just remember to have a nice place to nap after you stuff your pie hole at this wonderful place.  Tell them I sent you(s).

The famous,Mr T. in town shooting new movie. (Photo by Mike Slaughter/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

This has been fun as always. Let’s do it again soon.

-Mailman Jack

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