WhiteSox Twitter Mob Family Draft

On the latest FromThe108 Podcast, we drafted a mafia family from the White Sox Twitter group.

BeefLoaf Family of Bridgeport

  1. Consigliere: Father Zo
  2. Underboss: TonyDaMimbo
  3. Soldier: KenWO
  4. Soldier: Scott Garcia

MySoxSummer Family of Sterling

  1. Consigliere: Jason Benetti
  2. Underboss: Chris Lanuti
  3. Soldier: White Sox Sal
  4. Soldier: King Nom

Chorizy-E Family of the Northern Southside

  1. Consigliere: Josh Nelson
  2. Underboss: Sam Panayotovich
  3. Soldier: Lauren Wilz
  4. Soldier: Biguns

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