Something to Chew…July

It’s me again, the hungry music loving mailman, let’s talk about tree  records and then get something to eat.

Something Old: Thin Lizzy – Jailbreak (1976 that’s the spirit)

If you ever want to pick up some cool points with the middle-aged audiophiles, just put on some Thin Lizzy, especially this album.  A good way to judge an old record is to think if it would sound fresh today. This one could be released right now and be fresh AF.  The first track (Jailbreak, duh) sets the tone right from the get go for a wonderful raucous ride.  There’s quite a few gems on this record, so no skipping around.  My favorite track is number 4, Romeo and the Lonely Girl, but you’ll also hear their signature classic, The Boys are Back in Town, on here so be patient.  It closes out with a great rocker, Emerald, just enjoy the whole thing.  Go  buy this record and enjoy the respect you’ll receive from the likes of…….well me. : – )

Something New: Lilly Hiatt – Walking Proof (2020)

Take it from me and The Coach, you don’t want to live in the past, listen to some fine new music every now and then.

This is the fourth album from Lilly Hiatt, if her last name sounds familiar, it’s because she’s John Hiatt’s daughter.  She’s a fresh voice and a great talent out of Nashville that’s forging her way through this crazy world.  It’s great to hear an artist that’s not falling back and leaning heavily on old stereotypes. This recording is kinda country, kinda jangly, kinda indie, kinda raucous and I just love it.  Lilly definitely has something to say on this record but, she doesn’t beat you over the head with it.  This is a super enjoyable and easy listen; she’s also a fun follow on the Twitters.  I had some tickets to see her a couple months back but unfortunately it was cancelled. I’m also assuming that she’s a White Sox fan (I’m not really sure, but she fits the mold and I’m claiming her as one of us.)  Go buy her record and support new music.


Something Borrowed: Rush – Moving Pictures (1981)

This suggestion came from our White Sox Twitter friend, Cary (@Thatbaseballfan).  He better not be screwing with me on this one.  My natural music snobbish ways wanted to rip him a new one with this selection.  I’m an over 50 white male, so I’m crazy familiar with this record, since it came out when I was in high school (yeah, I’m old).  I dropped the needle on this fully expecting to not enjoy it, but as Tom Sawyer started coming through my speakers, I was sucked back into how much my teenage self enjoyed it many moons ago.  Yeah, it rocks, and to their credit, Rush finally learned to give their fans some joy in songs that didn’t last more than ten minutes.  I’ve heard this record described as majestic, it’s also a refreshing dive into some prog-rock goodness.  Thanks for suggesting this to me Cary (I think).


Something To Chew:  Old Fashioned Donuts – 11248 S Michigan Ave, Chicago (Roseland)

Donuts, really Jack?  Yes, this place is gold!  The most unassuming place that you’ll get some of the best reasonably priced treats that you’ll ever shove in your mouth.  When you go here let’s just say you can just walk out with a dozen glazed and you’ll be a hero at work, but don’t get all the same ones, that’s crazy talk.

I’m a big fan of the toasted coconut and the sublimely crunchy on the outside plain donut, but you also have to get the HUGE apple fritter or you’ll want to kick yourself later.

They’re following all of LL’s and the CDC’s guidelines in there during these unprecedented times so there are no worries when you go.  Please, support a local small business and thank me for telling about them later.

  • Bonus Tip: they also have a sneaky delicious cheeseburger, just sayin’.

This has been fun, let’s do it again in August

-Mailman Jack

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