Something to Chew…

I’m trying out a little something new since I had so much fun doing the Nifty Fifty. I’ll talk about three records and recommend someplace to get something tasty to eat.


Something Old: Chicago Transit Authority – Self Titled (1969 Nice)

This is a magnificent debut double record from the band Chicago.  You guessed it; they’re from right here in Chicago.  They dropped the transit authority from their name after this record to avoid legal problems from the actual CTA. Right from the get-go, they established a unique sound that’s only relatable to this band– the groovy guitar work of Terry Kath and brass section that just screams, “Let’s do some drugs and make some beautiful music”.  This was their first album, and it was a double album?  Yes.  A gutsy move that paid off big time.  Before you drop the needle on side 1, go pour yourself a nice cool drink or smoke some legal weed, and then melt into the good couch in the frunchroom as you’re taken on a fantastic journey into yesteryear. No skipping around; listen to all four sides straight trough.


Something New(ish): Sarah Shook and the Disarmers – Years (2018)

This is the most recent release from one of the current musical crushes in my life.  My family gifted me with a new copy of this beautiful 180 gram vinyl record for my birthday last year, and they hit it right out of the ballpark.  I don’t know what it is about their music that just gets me, but who cares? I love this band.  I hope that you will too.  I’m not really good with the words; they’re kinda jangly/rock/country/punk and really listenable.  Give it a spin, and I think you’ll agree with me.


Something Borrowed: Super Fly – Curtis Mayfield (1972)

A little bird (Beefloaf) suggested this one because my previous list lacked some soul; he couldn’t have suggested a more soulful record if he tried.  I’ve listened to it two/tree times straight through since last weekend and let’s just say my street cred has gone up a billion percent since then. I’m gliding now instead of walking through my mail route, and I think I’m getting some new hair growth on top of my bald head. This is a sublime  listen, and you’ll be surprised how much you’ve already heard and just didn’t equate to this record.  Thanks for the recommendation, Beefy.  Great stuff; Curtis is a musical genius. (Also from right here in Chicago)


Something To Chew: The Taqueria inside El Ranchito Market – 12742 S. Western Ave, Blue Island

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I love to eat and talk about eating.  Here’s one of my favorite local spots to grab some tasty Mexican food that’s super fresh and flavorful.  Here’s a tip: If you get food from inside a grocery store taqueria, it’s probably gonna be delicioso. You can’t go wrong with this place and also if you go to the deli counter by the meat department, they’re also serving up some homemade carnitas that’ll give you a nice, warm, metaphorical hug.  Make sure you also pick up their homemade pico, guacamole, and salsas.  Heck, everything in there is amazeballs, and the prices are quite reasonable.  During these trying times, everything is available to go, and they’re following all safe CDC guidelines.  Go there and  tell them I sent you; they’ll have no clue what you’re talking about, but give it a shot.  I highly recommend the pastor super burrito.

This has been fun. Let’s talk again soon.

-Mailman Jack

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