NFL Draft Pick or Star Wars Character

While other blogs/podcasts may give you NFL draft pick insights, the 108 crew knows their limitations and will not do that. We will however, make up a strange drinking game based on that draft.

Rules of the game

Very simple rules:
Chorizy-E supplies a name
BeefLoaf and MySoxSummer guess Star Wars or NFL Draft Pick
Beef and MSS drink on incorrect answers
Chorizy-E drinks on correct answers
#108ing ensues

Names used in the quiz

Below are the names we used. Fill in your choices and then drink a long to the video. Hopefully you’ll have as much fun as we did.

Max Rebo
Figrin D’an
JK Dobbins
Tanner Muse
Owen Lars
Kindle Vildor
Din Djarin
Cole Kmet
Trevis Gipson
Mekhi Becton
Greef Karga
Dryden Vos
Jalen Reagor
L’Jarius Sneed
Bren Derlin
Netane Muti
Lux Bonteri
Rio Durant
Jyn Erso
Armitage Hux
Ezra Cleveland
Bail Organa
Cassh Maluia
Wicket Warrick
Salacious B Crumb

Max Rebo - Star Wars not NFL Draft Pick

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