My tortured non-relationship with Jeff Passan

As we White Sox fans want to think about baseball and not the current events in the world, I got back to thinking about the end of the 2019 season.  Hopefully the last season of recent vintage in which we are enduring mundane September baseball, although looking at the potential start date of the 2020 season….who knows.  Anywho, it was a Friday night, September 20th, the White Sox were in Detroit and I’m laying on my living room floor watching the game, DMing with MySoxSummer and otherwise tweeting dumb stuff on the Twitter machine.  A normal road White Sox game experience for me.  This was a fun game, the Sox won 10-1, Yolmer had 4 hits, Eloy tripled and even our guy Daniel Palka had 3 hits (raising his average to .072).  Very fun night all around……




……the big homey NWI Steve tweeted a response, and if memory serves a funny one, to a tweet that I could no longer see.  I assumed the tweet was deleted, because who in their right mind could ever block the lovable and cuddly BeefLoaf.  But it twas not to be on this fair night.  I was indeed blocked by…………..Jeff Passan.


I immediately thought, WTF?  I don’t interact with Jeff Passan at all.  The guy tweets baseball news, if its relevant to the people I interact with on twitter, I’ll retweet it.  I occasionally read his articles, but in general he’s more the reporting type, not the type of writer that really gets me engorged.  I felt this very odd.  Then people started digging through the tweets and ALLEGEDLY, I used the Kobe (RIPIP) Soft GIF at him regarding a comment he made about getting a suit wet in a locker room celebration.

SIDE NOTE: There are occasions where getting a suit covered in Champagne and Beer are totally cool beans, but one of them is probably not at work, so in hindsight I can see where Jeff is coming from with this, but if I don’t bust his balls about a comment like that because it’s fun, the other 108ers will be disappointed in me.

Anywho, some peoples out there in the grand world of White Sox twitter vouched for me and finally got ole Jeff to unblock the BeefLoaf.  It wouldn’t have been the end of the world if I stayed blocked, but Jeff does good shit that I’d like to be able to see, so I was pretty please with the events…….


fast forward 6 months…..I tweeted this.  Then all hell broke loose

Jeff’s tweet got 870 likes, 22 retweets and 73 responses….HOLY SHIT!!

This is during the #108Tourney, this is the event I work on nearly the entire year building up a field of what I believe are 108 of some of the best follows of White Sox twitter and here is a man of Jeff Passan’s stature, a national writer, a twitter kingpin, smashing me in front of my friends and family, my White Sox twitter loved ones seeing me demoralized like Michael Spinks vs Mike Tyson.  I got smashed.


Needless to say, I was embarrassed, not embarrassed like I could never leave the house again (although coincidentally……), but more like I thought I was being funny and then Jeff showed me who was really being funny.  Good times!! Plenty of attention for the #108Tourney which I really appreciated, and some fun-natured ribbing from a writer that has been around the block on these twitter streets.  I figured that was it.



Now this was getting outta hand, I’m trying to make a championship run in the #108Tourney (which I did not make, possibly in part because of this comment) and Jeff is back making fun of one of my soft targets, being the owner of quite possibly the worst adult male posterior in the continental US.  JEEZ!!!


I don’t know, I’ve been ducking him on these twitter streets, trying not to stir up any shit.  I’m not sure if yous know what it’s like to get smashed on the regular by a guy with a half-milldo followers on the Twitters, but it can be demoralizing…..



I gots to admit, I thought Jeff messing with me and creating entertainment for both his followers and White Sox twitter was really cool.  It’s this kind of connection that can make people stand out in a crowded field of competitors and I’m really impressed with his ability to know when and where to deploy such tactics.  I had a lot of fun with it and I hope yous (this is Bridgeport) all did too.



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