Three Things I Learned Last Night at Barstool Chicago’s NBA Jam Event at Joe’s on Weed

My guy Chorizy and I met up with the big homey Matt Berklan last night at Joe’s on Weed for the Barstool Chicago NBA Jam Tournament. DATS RIGHT! They had a 64 team single elimination tournament to determine which team was best at NBA Jam…oh and ice cold Miller Lites were flowing everywhere. We went out to mix in with the crowd (we did not participate in the tournament) and to show some support for our local media friends. While we were there talking to fellow Sox fans and just enjoying the good vibes and of course talking shop with our guy WhiteSoxDave, I learned a couple tree things that imma share with you.




I haven’t been to Joe’s on Weed since the 2000’s, like, I didn’t step foot in there in the 2010’s (I don’t believe), so I was expecting it to look different than I remembered. What I wasn’t expecting was that they had totally absorbed the OTB that used to be in the area, but not exactly in their building. The big homey Billy Rehfeld, whom we ran into at the event pointed me to the room in which the REAL SERIOUS HORSE BETTORS were hanging out. Looked like a real fun place…NOT! But there were plenty of kiosks near the back bar to place a bet. Kinda surprised Chorizy and I didn’t get down a little cheddar.


The one we enjoyed was also this YUGE, but it included Sasage as well

As it turns out, Joe’s on Weed makes a pretty good tavern style pizza. I had no intention of eating pizza last night, but once the event was over WhiteSoxDave ordered a pizza and Chorizy and I felt it rude if we didn’t each eat about a quarter of said pizza. It was good, now, I don’t know if I’ll make my way to Joe’s again this decade, but if I do, I won’t be afraid to order a pie.



Chorizy and I were talking shop with Barstool Eddie and I asked him about condiments (since the condiment draft has been a controversial issue on White Sox twitter the last couple days) and requested his top 4. His #1 pick was Marinara….which, in hindsight, should’ve fucking been in our draft. FUCK! This is why we don’t have our own Sirius XM show, we miss obvious angles like this. Next time. Next time.


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