108 Bracketology – Final Edition

Hey guys, and Aloha! It’s your favorite man of questionable character back to pass along some 108-bracket information to you. As we leave January in the rear-view mirror, we must look ahead to the 108 tourney as well as the 2020 White Sox season.

To start, the selection show will be held on March 11, and I will be providing my unique blend of knowledge and sarcasm, as only a person of questionable character can. This also means that time is running out for the “bubble” people to make their case to the selection committee for an at-large bid. The natural reaction to this statement is to ask for suggestions on how to be noticed by the selection committee. This is the time of year where your Twitter game matters, since there are no ballgames to make a face to face impression. If I were to make some suggestions to people (hint, hint) I would suggest the following:

  • Show your baseball knowledge by not only putting your opinion out there but also the supporting facts behind it.
  • Show your humor. Humor goes a long way in making a positive impression with the committee.
  • Be yourself. Do not try and act like someone you are not. The committee can sniff out fake bullshit, and some people who do not bathe or wipe properly, a mile away.
  • Once the season starts don’t be afraid to show up in the 108 and be seen. The committee is always willing to take a bribe in the form of free beer (hint, hint) and makes it a point to be welcoming and engaging.
  • Talk bobbleheads or beer with MySoxSummer.
  • Talk music or whiskey with Chorizy.
  • Talk advanced stats, cats, or accounting with Beefloaf.

As much as I would like to say you could talk to myself, Wally$, or Uncle Rico, which would certainly be welcomed, it would not be completely fair since we are not part of the selection committee.

As previously stated, time is running out to gain an at-large selection, so get busy.

Now to get to the good stuff. I have been looking at the bracket from last year and there are 4 regions; Celebs, 108, Blogger / Podcast, and SuperFan. While I think these names are adequate, I would personally change the name of the brackets to be more in line with the 108 brand. This would be accomplished in a couple of different ways by structuring the bracket names as follows:

  1. 108, Beefloaf, Chorizy, and MySoxSummer
  2. 108, Baseball, Beer, and Bullshit

While I think the first grouping is fun, I believe the second is much more functional. The functionality would come from a natural alignment of the regions with the people in the respective region.

  1. The 108 region would consist of the OG of the 108 as well as those who have been associated with the 108 the longest. This would include Beefloaf, Chorizy, and MSS as well as myself, Wally$, Uncle Rico, Biguns, Mrs. Beefloaf, and Quernzy. There are others who would also be in the bracket, but these are the people I would expect to be the top seeds.
  2. The Baseball region would be for the real baseball fans that frequent the 108 either at the park or on Twitter. I would think this would include people like Sox Side Pride, Jeff the Giant, Scott Garcia, and Mailman Jack.
  3. The Beer Region would include some of the more established social drinkers who visit the 108, either in person or via Twitter. This would include the likes of Sam Mendelson, Sleepy Harold, and Mr. Mare.
  4. And now my favorite the Bullshit region. This without question is the region for the media, bloggers, and podcasters. Think of the names that could be in here. Chuck Garfien, James Fegan, Scott Merkin, and the list goes on and on. This has to be the most natural fit in the entire tourney.

As I have said in here a couple of different times, time is getting short to make your mark and qualify for an at-large bid, so get busy!  

Good luck to all. Remember the main purposes of the 108 are to watch baseball, have fun, and build a community of people to call friends! 

-Aloha Mr Hand

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