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SoxFest is this week and it is the part of the off-season when a lot of people come down to our neck of the woods to hang out. Some people come from out of town or even the suburbs and typically ask us what to get into the days before or even just for a bite. So let us shamelessly plug some of the people and places that have supported us along the way.

Live Band Karaoke

If you’re looking for something to do Wednesday or Thursday night, they’re playing both nights: So if you came into town on Wednesday and you just finished up watching Quernzy on Chicago Med, head over to Reggie’s, scope out Friday night’s beer selection, and get on stage with the band. The top 2 performances get Reggie’s gift cards, so you can use those funds on food and booze just days later at our Soxfest After-Party.

Punky’s Pizza

I absolutely have to mention Punky’s since I was just there today and ran into our guy Jeff Mugs. Great food and great people. Everything on the menu is great, but if you want a delicious thin crust pizza, go for the Old Neighborhood. That’s the post-game pizza of the Sunday Soak. Or try this Blackhawks pizza.

Buffalo Wings and Rings

BWR is a place you should get familiar with, especially if you plan to hit some games this season. They have a free shuttle to and from Sox Park for home games. They also have awesome food and a surprisingly extensive beer list featuring some of our favorite Goose Island beers.

If you’re looking to get into some different stuff, hit us up on Twitter and let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll do our best to help you out. Unless you’re looking for Robert Kraft stuff. We can’t help you with that.


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