12 Days of #108Mas: ‘Twas Dec 18th – An Ode to the Sox Fan – By Irrational Fan Man

Twas Dec 18th and the fanbase was nuts

We had signed a top catcher, but that was not enough

Rick and Kenny, warm, all smug in their bed

While Jerry counted money he had saved in his head

Fans on Twitter were yelling a lot,

About multiple free agents we should have got

While we in the 108 tried to keep the peace,

We can’t help but notice the market’s been’s fleeced

When out in sox twitter world arose all this clatter

White Sox have punted! Nothing else matters!

Our top pitching targets have all been signed,

We still need right field! You ain’t spending! You lied!

2020 seems bleek, how can we win?

Sure we got Moncada, Abreu and Tim

But Gio needs help, and so does Grandal

Can we sign one more arm so the rebuild won’t fall?

Sign Ryu, sign Puig, that’d be a great start!

Wood would be awesome, good pitching fills our heart

Who else is out there that maybe can help us?

Maybe Mookie, Maybe David! Our homeboy Dallas!

So White Sox take heed and meet our demands,

Cause we are the ones that matter…….the irrational fans!

We’ll hate what you do no matter what’s done

Not show up to games and blame everyone!

Just one little signing can change the whole tune

Then maybe, just maybe, you’ll see us in June

Drinking cold Goose Island with the boys in 108

But don’t look for them early, they always run late

2020 can be a fun year, trust us, we know!

We want to buy tickets, our friends want to go!

We’ll yell for the new guys and root for the old

Come on guys sign someone, this shit’s getting old.

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