Announcement: FromThe108 Promotions

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Effective immediately. The following members of the Fromthe108 crew will take on new positions while doing exactly the same thing they have always done.

MySoxSummer – SVP of Champagne and Cocaine

If there were ever a 108er that would yell at the top of his lungs “I’m on a boat”, it is the one and only MySoxSummer. After serving for years as Special Assistant to Spuds MacKenzie, MSS has shown the ability to out rank a likely deceased dog and take the reins.

BeefLoaf – Supreme Pontiff of the 108

As white smoke billowed from the top of Maxwell Street Depot and loomed large over the neighborhood, we knew a decision had been made by those that make those kinds of decisive decisions. From behind a pile of onions and pork chop sandwiches (bone-in), emerged BeefLoaf, the new Pope of the 108.

Chorizy-E – Chief Operator of the Shields Defense System

Starting as a small side project, the Shields Defense System has grown to a large, throbbing entity. This year, we hear it will be working to defend the good names of all the upstanding PED users on the Hall of Fame ballot (not Clemens). It may also be deployed for Yolmer Sanchez and a yet to be signed veteran starting pitcher. With all that, we needed to promote Chorizy-E to Chief Operator.

Other promotions

Aloha Mr Hand and Wally$ have been promoted to associates. Eddie from the mailroom is now the CEO.

End Transmission


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