I’m worried about Nacho Ed

Good day friends, it’s your pal BeefLoaf and I come here with an urgent concern for the community.  I think part of being one of the Drunk Uncles of WhiteSox Twitter is not only a responsibility to tell dirty inappropriate jokes in mixed company and get incredibly shitfaced for your amusement, but to express concern for one of our community members when it is warranted.  Enter Nacho Ed.  Some of you might not know Nacho Ed, but he’s a member of our fine community, hits a few #WhiteSox games a year (some of which he sits in 108), but most of all……HE FUCKING LOVES the “GFY” Option in our patented 108 minute polls on 108 Twitter.

When I say LOVE…I mean LOVE!

As you can see, Nacho Ed is out of control.  He probably dreams about GFY and telling people GFY and voting GFY.  I fear for his work life, his personal life and his psyche.

I’m worried about what I thought was an addiction, but now appears to be spreading across the White Sox twittersphere like strep throat running through the classy young folks at Zero Gravity dance club #RIPIP

I feel culpable for this growing epidemic as it claims one victim,

after another,

after another,

after another.

I think our only recourse is to seek help for our White Sox twitter and #108ing brethren.  If you know a doctor who is an addiction medicine specialist, please point them in our direction.


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