The One Hitter – Ready for Xmas Music

Two quick things:

  1. I know I previously berated BeefLoaf for a similar take, but I’ve seen the light and now agree with him
  2. I used Xmas, because MySoxSummer’s use of Cmas is dumber to me than BeefLoaf writing “It ‘Twas”

But quickly, because this is a one hitter (don’t forget to exhale). I’m ready to start hearing Xmas music. It’s not because I love it, though I do enjoy it. It’s because every time I am in a place where background music is played, I can’t believe the trash music that is hitting my ears. Sure, I’m the grumpy old man that doesn’t like your favorite pop songs. But if my time in ride shares has taught me anything, there are only like 6 songs on top 40 radio. Either that or I have the luck of Clark Griswold at a blackjack table.

And I know, I previously said wait ’til after Thanksgiving, but that holiday has only produced like 1 listenable track. So either start making more Thanksgiving music or I’m gonna crank Trans-Siberian Orchestra to 11 and chug some fucking egg nog.


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